How technology has allowed EGcellent Life Solutions to thrive—even in the middle of a pandemic

Some people may have considered starting a business selling a unique product but backed out due to doubts of its success. Some may have even taken certain events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, as signs that the business was never meant to be. But EGcellent Life Solutions, not only did they start a business based on a unique product, they’re also having to continue selling that product and more during the pandemic.

Founded by Eunice San Miguel, her husband, and business partners, EGcellent’s business revolves around vacuum sealing machines and other vacuum-based food preservation products. The company started in 2016 when a visit to a trade expo in Bangkok led their business partner to meet one of the manufacturers of their vacuum sealing machines. Here, the latter told them that they had yet to make inroads in the Philippine market.

From the very beginning, EGcellent Life Solutions had made use of technology to sell its unique products in the Philippines. It focused mostly on online selling through Facebook and Instagram to get their products out the door.

It was only around 2018 that the company started selling its products in brick-and-mortar stores such as SM. But even then, the company was still looking to expand to other online outlets such as Lazada, Shopee and eventually its own online store.

This continued focus on online sales was one factor that helped EGcellent continue to thrive during the pandemic.

“Being present on Shopee and Lazada during that time, as well direct on our channels in Facebook and Instagram, definitely helped,” explains San Miguel.

“Even if we didn’t have our brick-and-mortar at SM, the foot traffic was already low in the malls,” she continues. “I think it was very essential that our online presence was already strong. At least, it was not a deterrent as far as being able to purchase our products.”

Technology has also helped EGcellent in streaming its processes. While the company started from a chance meeting at an expo, nowadays, it has turned to the internet. San Miguel now searches for products on online sites such as Amazon and AliExpress. It’s here where she now looks to see what else the company can add to its portfolio. (Read: From workout buddies to business partners: How SweatDay Active’s founders turned a hobby into a business—in the middle of a pandemic)

But regardless of whether she’s at an expo or using the internet to find products, San Miguel says that it’s still all about fundamentals. She still looks for products that can grow their business laterally and look at possible trends that may hit the country.

“As they say, if something is trending in the Philippines, then it’s too late,” she says. “It’s really just getting the pulse of the market and looking for products that would be something that Filipinos would need.”

“It’s really about knowing the pulse of your audience,” she adds. “Without really building that connection, knowing how your product sits in their lives, you wouldn’t be able to recommend or make them see what role of your product is in the grand scheme of things.”

What’s different now is that all the tools to do this are now available online. Even in this pandemic, prospective business owners have all that they need thanks to technology.

San Miguel says that it’s just a matter of evolving. Not just to the technology, but the customers as well.

“Make sure that you go with them towards the changing times.”

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