The EXP Show hosts share their all time favorite songs, so you can add ’em to your playlist

Looking for new songs to add to your list of all time favorites? We’ve got you covered.

Asking to define what music is for a person is among the hardest questions you can possibly throw at him—it’s personal, it’s loaded with history and it can be unnerving. With that said, and since our latest episode makes good use of Spotify’s Music + Talk feature, we decided to talk to our hosts, Franz and Bea, to learn more about music and what it means for them.

“Music is like an extension of your soul. You can use it to express your emotion or thoughts,” says Bea, a radio jock for a major FM station in the Philippines before joining The EXP Show with Franz and Bea. She also adds that music makes us feel things and even calls us to action. For her, it’s a way for her to go places—something this pandemic has robbed us of—and even escape reality “in the most creative way.”

Franz actually agrees: “It’s something to take you away from your everyday life.” (Read: You should live your life with music playing in the background)

We then proceeded to grill them with questions regarding their tastes in music. Here’s how they answered.

What’s a song that you consider to be a guilty pleasure?

Franz: Lazlo by Supernova (Yes, it’s the theme from that YouTube channel)
Bea: Ride by SoMo (I feel so sinful listening to it, but.I.just.can’t.resist.)

Give us your current favorite song.

Franz: Beautiful World by Utada Hikaru (It’s from 2007, but it’s a great song to get away from the world we live in today)
Bea: Interlude : Shadow by BTS (My favorite song changes every few days by the way.)

Who’s a singer or composer that you’d like to meet?

Franz: Yoko Kanno (of Cowboy Bebop and Vision of Escaflowne fame)
Bea: BT—friggin—S!!! [Ed: Yes, she’s an Army]

What’s the most romantic song in your playlist?

Franz: One Last Kiss by Utada Hikaru (Did I just see Evangelion 3.0+1.0? Why yes I did)
Bea: Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine. (Every time I hear this, I feel like I wanna go to a high school prom and slow dance to my sweetheart.)

Give us a song that’s been on your playlist forever.

Franz: Munting Paraiso by Razorback (Classic pinoy metal from the 90s. Yes, I was a metalhead back in the day)
Bea: Style by Taylor Swift (Just one song? Ugh, these questions are not fair!) [Ed: But I have to limit ’em, otherwise we’ll never finish.]

Do you have a song that just brings back memories?

Franz: Alay by Imago (It was either this or Rainsong, but this one has more feels)
Bea: Spring Day by BTS (I got teary-eyed the first time I heard it. That was just hearing the melody. And when I searched for the English translation of the lyrics, tears flowed, legit.)

Any new favorites?

Franz: Pink Blood by Utada Hikaru (That I stan a queen should be obvious at this point)
Bea: FU by Miley Cyrus ft. French Montana (This is also my current shower song. I feel so badass scrubbing my dead skin away.)

Finally, what’s a song that you will sing at karaoke?

Franz: Always by Bon Jovi (No, my voice can’t reach those notes, but IDGAF)
Bea: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship (I’m not a good singer but after a glass of mojito, I can be the diva of your dreams!)

If you found their song choices interesting, we’ve got a full podcast where they share a few more of their favorite songs—and you get to hear the stories behind each!

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