Custom third-party PS5 “PlateStation” faceplates are arriving just in time for the console’s launch

With the reveal that the PlayStation 5 would have removable faceplates, it was only a matter of time before options to customize it were revealed.

While Sony has yet to announce any replacement faceplates for the console, a group of Australian fans have already taken matters into their own hands and released their own custom faceplates, cheekily called “PlateStation 5.”

According to the FAQ on the official site, “PlateStation 5 was born out of the single desire to create a Matte Black custom faceplate, simply because we believed it was what the PS5 community deserved.”

Following the matte black faceplate, PlateStation 5 was expanded with four additiona colors:  Cherry Red, Chromatic Silver, Indigo Blue and Jungle Camo. In addition, more colors are also in development.

Priced at $39.99 or roughly around P2,000, PlateStation 5’s faceplates will cover both front and back panel of the next-gen console. All are available for pre-order on online and even come with free international shipping.

According to their website, the items ordered during the pre-order are to be shipped on the 12th of November, the same exact day that PlayStation 5 will be released around the world. This would allow consumers to get their custom faceplates on the exact same date that their PS5 arrives. For those who find themselves unsatisfied with the faceplate, PlateStation also offers a 10-day return policy.

The concept of removable faceplates is not exactly a new thing for the PlayStation brand. The original PlayStation 4 also had a customizable faceplate that could be used to replace a small portion of the console’s body. The PS5’s “whole-body” faceplate customization, however, is the first of its kind for the brand and will definitely offer a wider range of customization features in the near future.

Removable sidepanels and swappable faceplates have long been rumored for the PlayStation 5, even before they were officially revealed. In July, a set of leaked images showing a disassembled PS5 taken from a Chinese Factory were leaked on Twitter.

The console’s swappable faceplates were eventually confirmed in the official teardown video where Yasuhiro Ootori, Vice President for Mechanical Design of Sony Entertainment mentioned how the panels can be easily removed by the user. He then proceeded to demonstrate how to remove both the front and back plates from the console by lifting the back corner and sliding the panel diagonally.

This has led many to speculate that Sony is planning to release custom faceplates somewhere down the line. That said, Sony has not announced any special custom faceplates for PlayStation 5, nor any special edition PS5 with customized faceplates.

With this, it falls to third-party companies, such as PlateStation to cover this niche, at least until Sony finally releases their own.