The iPad home screen changes may be coming with iOS 15

Late in April, Apple launched the new iPad Pro powered by the new M1 chip. They also reported some major plans in store for iPadOS. According to Bloomberg, Apple was planning to upgrade the way that their system deals with notifications. The tech giant may also be adding in some new messaging features, and users may soon add more widgets to their iPad’s home screen. These iPad home screen changes will be part of the iOs 15 and iPadOS 15 upgrades.

Usually, Apple reveals major system upgrades in the fall, and it also releases the latest iPhone models at the same time. However, it is also common for Apple to reveal updates and new features during WWDC, which will be held virtually later this year in June. (Read: An iPad shortage could be a thing as the chip shortage hits Apple)

The iOS 15 will allow users to set different statuses for notifications, which will allow their personal devices to automatically respond in a certain way. With the new iPad home screen changes, users can create a variety of custom categories, with the typical settings—working, driving, and sleeping—being three of the main settings they can access.

For example, when a user’s device is set to “driving” or “sleeping,” they will not be alerted to new notifications to prevent them from getting disturbed or distracted. These upgrades will be shown on users’ lockscreens. Apple will also be adding a feature where users can change their statuses quickly through a new status menu in the iPhone Control Center.

The tech giant is firming up plans to revamp their messaging feature to step up to major messaging platforms such as Messenger and WhatsApp, which are both owned by fellow tech giant Facebook. However, these upgrades are still in their early planning stages and may not be revealed until later this year.

Lately, the social media and tech world has been hit with a series of data breaches that left millions of individuals’ personal information compromised. As a response to users’ rising distrust toward tech, Apple has committed to limiting the amount of data that social media platforms and other apps can collect. In line with Apple’s renewed thrust for protecting their users’ privacy, the company is also designing a feature that can inform users of apps that may be secretly collecting and analyzing users’ data.

Finally, iPad home screen changes will include added flexibility for widget placements. Users will be able to put widgets anywhere on the home screen, and they can even alter the entire app grid and replace it with widgets.

These home screen changes will certainly help make Apple devices more user-friendly as users are offered more options to customize and personalize their devices. More information about these upgrades will be revealed during the 2021 WWDC, and Apple may reveal more details in the coming days. However, users can expect that the new changes may positively impact the way they use their devices.

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