Diablo 4 players unhappy with expansion announcement for “unfinished” game

Diablo 4 players have expressed dissatisfaction at the prospect of an expansion, largely due to the perceived “unfinished” state of the game.

While Diablo 4 initially received glowing reviews, excitement for the game quickly waned as players completed their runs and hit the endgame. Player concerns skyrocketed due to endgame problems, itemization issues and a host of other concerns.

While fixes have gradually addressed these issues since the game’s launch, it has been a protracted struggle, and players still feel that there is substantial room for improvement.

All that has come to a head with the announcement of the Diablo 4 expansion Vessel of Hatred. While the reveal was met with a fair bit of enthusiasm, not all fans were excited.

On a thread in the game’s official Reddit, many players have expressed “disdain” that the title is already getting an expansion even though they feel it’s still unfinished. (Read: Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard: with the video game industry under new management, what’s  going to change?)

“Call me a boomer but doesn’t sound right to me to announce a (probably expensive like wow) expansion when your game basically just got out of beta,” reads one of the most upvoted replies.

“Current Diablo 4 mid-late game is hardly worth playing still and here we are with Blizzard already teasing the next expansion,” reads another, similarly upvoted one on the same thread.

Since it launched in June, Diabl4 has received two “seasons” of content. The first of these faced significant backlash, with the perception being that it failed to address concerns about the endgame or add any quality-of-life changes. This led to the first season being dubbed as “filler content” by the franchise’s most ardent fans.

Diablo 4’s second season, on the other hand, seemed to make amends. Dungeons were reworked, classes were buffed, and some quality-of-life concerns were finally addressed.

Now, the script seems to have been flipped again with the reveal of Diablo 4‘s expansion.

That said. not everyone is all gloom and doom. Some players have pointed out that Vessel of Hatred‘s release is still a long way down the road. This means that Blizzard still has months to polish some of the game’s remaining rough edges and address any player concerns. Hopefully, the game and the player base’s issues get ironed out during that time.

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