Killjoy and Raze confirmed as first Valorant LGBTQ+ couple

Today, Riot Games revealed that Killjoy and Raze as the first Valorant LBGTQ+ couple. In the process, the company confirmed many fans’ long-held speculation regarding the two.

Riot made the announcement via posts on the official Valorant Instagram and Twitter accounts depicting the couple kissing on a bench.

Prior to the confirmation, the in-game interactions between Killjoy and Raze had led many of those following Valorant to speculate about the possibility of romantic feelings between them. In-game voice lines between could easily be seen as flirting, with Killjoy calling Raze “freundin,” which can be understood to mean “girlfriend” in German; or wishing her to “be safe” before battle. Raze, on the other hand, is a more blunt, asking Killjoy if she would love to “do some tinkering” after their matches.

With these in mind, it’s highly likely that Riot was planning the reveal for some time. The company had been chronicling the adventures of Killjoy and Raze, alongside Yoru, Phoenix and Neon on the game’s official Twitter account. That led up to today when it shared the photo of Killjoy and Raze kissing at a party they were at. (Read: Riot reveals Filipino Valorant agent Neon)

While Killjoy and Raze are the first Valorant LBGTQ+ couple, they aren’t the first such characters in a Riot Games title. The company has introduced numerous champions from League of Legends as being in LBGTQ+ partnerships in the past, including Diana and Leona as well as Graves and Twisted Fate.

Beyond that, Killjoy and Raze aren’t the first LBGTQ+ characters in the hero shooter genre. Blizzard previously revealed that Overwatch poster girl Tracer was lesbian and in a relationship with a non-playable character.

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