Fantasian, the new RPG from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is coming later this year

In a series of tweets, Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man behind the cult classic Final Fantasy, has unveiled progress and screenshots to Fantasian – a mobile RPG that is expected to be released later this year.

According to Sakaguchi, the game – which is three years in the making – is an RPG that is set in a “unique world handcrafted dioramas.” Other shots tweeted by Sakaguchi featured the 3D dioramas, which so far show a unique blend of real-world and animated gameplay and will bring a unique experience to players.

The game is expected to be released on Apple’s Apple Arcade subscription service sometime this year. Both Sakaguchi and Mistwalker Studios have not announced any official date for the game’s release.

Apple Arcade will be Apple’s answer to Xbox’s Game pass, which features another subscription-based gaming service for the mobile platform. First featured in 2019, Apple Arcade is poised to capitalize “more than half a billion customers each week.”

Fantasian is included in Apple’s list of games on the Apple Arcade, along with titles such as Where Cards Fall, Lifelike and Overland, which are all created by well-decorated developers and game designers and were featured in a “Meet the Creators” trailer in anticipation for its launch a few years back.

Initially announced in 2019, Sakaguchi explained how Fanstasian as a game “shouldn’t exist,” highlighting the complexities of building a playable world through the use of 3D dioramas. Since then, Sakaguchi tweeted during New Year’s Day that the development – which took around three years – “is almost complete” and that the game “will be released on #AppleArcade this year.”

In a separate tweet, Sakaguchi also gives further details as to how they have developed the game’s stunning visuals.

“We are building dioramas, photographing them, and adding 3D characters. I’m a little scared of how many sets we are going to have to build in the end,” he added.

Mistwalker, on the other hand, has been very transparent with the development and design of Fantasian. In a tweet, Mistwalker showed different settings featured in the game, which include BAR in New Town En, Magitech Factory in Machine City, and Secret Base and BAR in The Water City of Vence.

Initial reactions from the community have been generally positive so far. Fans poured to Twitter sharing anticipation and excitement over the use of handcrafted dioramas in developing the game and have even left fans in awe. While there are users clamoring for a cross-platform release, hopefully in other consoles and even on PC, releasing the game in the Apple arcade may cause some of the fans to miss out on the game due to its limited release.

With the massive success that Sakugachi’s Final Fantasy series has attained over the years, the gaming community now has its eyes set toward Fantasian. The game has the potential to revolutionize in-game world design, graphics and even gameplay with how Mistwalker Studios took the direction in developing it.


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