Filipino-made FPS Project Xandata launches open beta today

Filipino-made class-based 3v3 competitive first-person shooter Project Xandata is finally entering open beta tonight at 8:00 PM UTC+8.

Developed by Secret 6, Project Xandata‘s action takes place in a world that blends both sci-fi and fantasy. It features an expansive customization system that lets players approach the game their chosen way. (Read: What it takes to develop a Filipino video game – as told by Ranida Games)

Players can select from one of three classes—the stealthy Agent, nimble Marksman and tanky Juggernaut. Each of these classes comes with two elemental affinities. On top of these, players can pick between nine weapons from the start. Each of these comes with various perks designed to match a player’s desired playstyle.

At launch, Project Xandata comes with three game modes. Annihilation is your standard, elimination-based team-deathmatch mode. Each player is limited to three respawns per round. The first time to win five rounds wins the match.

Corruption challenges both teams to collect shards that are dropped by eliminated players, with each worth one shard. In addition, an obelisk also spawns around the map that drops eight shards when destroyed. The first team to get 100 shards wins the match.

In the final mode, Skirmish, players rack up points for every kill. Eliminations award at least 100 points, with different types of elimination awarding even more. The game is won by the first team to reach 5,000 points.

While Project Xandata open beta goes live at 8:00 PM, those interested can pre-download the beta client as early as 3:00 PM. The beta will run until Nov. 28. Unique among open betas, players will be able to keep all of the cosmetics and progression that they’ve earned during the beta into later builds.

Special contests let players earn cash prizes

On top of the beta, Secret 6 is also holding digital contests for players looking to win cash during the beta test period.

The first of these asks players to post video clips of amazing or funny moments from the game on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok with the hashtag #PXDClip. The game’s developers will choose five winners each week, with winners receiving Php 1,000 each.

The second contest challenges players to create squads and actually win matches in Project Xandata. Players can then post a screenshot of their squad on the post-game podium on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #PXDSquadGame. Two squads will be chosen per week with each squad receiving Php 6,000.

The final contest is the most elaborate, challenging players to live stream their gameplay during the beta on either Facebook or Twitch. Players interested in joining, however, will need to register before November 19. In addition, they’ll also have to follow specific guidelines for each platform. Players win by having the highest total views on Twitch or Facebook. Winners will be revealed on December 3 and will receive a cash prize of Php 5,000.

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