Nvidia leak hints at Final Fantasy IX Remake, Final Fantasy Tactics and Chrono Cross remasters

Following the success of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Square-Enix may be looking to bring back more classic PlayStation 1-era JRPGs. A new leak hints that Final Fantasy IX is getting a remake. In addition, both Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Tactics are also supposedly getting remasters.

The leak comes from programmer Ighor July who found the titles listed within a database for Nvidia’s GeForce Now service. July explains that changes to the way the service operates allowed him to access a variety of log files.

July claimed to have reported this to Nvidia. But the latter apparently took no action.

Now, in a video on YouTube, July explains how he made his findings. Through this method, he founds records of around 18,000 games, some of which may never be coming to GeForce Now, but are there for third-party testing purposes.

Among the games are several unannounced but expected sequels, such as Capcom’s Street Fighter, Monster Hunter franchises, as well as Square Enix’s own Kingdom Hearts. But what’s more interesting are some items listed for Square Enix. (Read: Final Fantasy VII Remake PC version data mined in the Epic Games Store Database)

Specifically, entries for a Final Fantasy IX remake as well as remasters for Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Tactics were also found in the log files.

A sequel to Chrono Trigger on the Super Famicom, Chrono Cross often gets overshadowed by the former. Despite this, many still consider it one of the finest JPRGs released for the original PlayStation.

Final Fantasy Tactics, on the other hand, became one of the most beloved spin-off games of the Final Fantasy franchise. This turn-based strategy game spawned an entire sub-franchise. Square Enix eventually updated it for the PlayStation Portable as Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. This update, which featured a more refined translation, later found its way to iOS and Android.

Whether or not this supposed remaster is the same game or yet another update, is unknown—if it even is real.

Finally, many fans consider Final Fantasy IX to be the pinnacle of the old-style of Final Fantasy games. This 2000 release combined then cutting edge graphics with style more reminiscent of the Super Famicom games, eschewing the more “magic sci-fi” leanings of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.

That Square Enix would choose to remake Final Fantasy IX is surprising, considering that the company is still working on the second Final Fantasy VII Remake game, as well as Final Fantasy XVI.

Of course, all these are just based on a supposed leak, whether or not they are true remains to be seen.

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