Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster launching in February 2022

With the first five already released in the market, fans of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series will have to wait just a little bit more before they get their hands on the sixth and final installment.

This comes after game developer Square Enix officially announced a new date for the release of Final Fantasy VI. Through a statement via the franchise’s official Steam account last week, the game has now been pushed back to a February 2022 release instead of the original end-of-2021 date.

Being the last title to be released for the pixelated game series, the game-developing mogul is making sure that fans get the engaging ending of a story they paid for, hence the delay. (Read: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker players to get 14 days of free time)

“In order to bring you the best experience possible, we’re allowing the necessary time to apply final polish while finishing development on the game,” the statement said. “We’re looking forward to sharing the final title in our pixel remaster series with you all early next year and we hope you’re looking forward to it.”

No other reasons were given for the delay though, but the Japanese company already gave a sneak peek of what’s to come after promising early buyers exclusive time-lapse remixes of the classic soundtracks from the game.

“We will be adding new items for those that pre-purchase the game individually, or have purchased the Pixel Remaster bundle on Steam,” the company said. “Timelapse Remix” is a special soundtrack that starts off with the original soundtrack version, but lets you also enjoy the reworked alternative soundtrack version as the soundtrack gradually transitions to the reworked alternative soundtrack version,” they then explained.

The iconic Locke’s Theme, The Decisive Battle, Terra’s Theme, and Searching for Friends are among the official soundtrack of the title that will undergo sound mixing. The operatic Aria di Mezzo Carattere, however, will get an instrumental version. Aside from the remixes, early purchasers will also get two types of wallpapers from the first to the sixth title.

So far, Square Enix hasn’t provided a specific release date yet other than the month it will be released; so for now, the only option for gamers who can not contain their excitement anymore is to pre-purchase the game as part of the Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remaster bundle available on Steam for $65.

All six titles are playable through PC and IOS and Android mobile phones.

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