Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks reveals new characters, artifacts and more

Weeks after the release of Genshin Impact’s 1.4 update, players are already getting word that of its follow-up update. A new Genshin Impact 1.5 leak hints at two possible new characters that may be coming into the game sometime around late April to mid-May.

First off the long list of leaks is another playable character to be added into Teyvat will be Eula, a Cryo Element Claymore Character who uses her cryo abilities to freeze off foes. She will be paired with Yanfei, a pyro catalyst character.

According to an initial analysis made by Sportskeeda, Eula may be “overpowered” on release, if initial testing values inside the test server remain unchanged. Testing has revealed that Eula has potentially unmatched DPS in Genshin.

There are three reasons behind this claim. First being the Cryo Resonance bonus & the Blizzard Strayer Artifact as both artifacts provide additional crit rate (15% and 20% & 40% crit rate bonus respectively).

Apart from this, Eula’s attack speed has an unprecedented attack speed, which would mean a higher DPS in comparison to other characters. According to the leak, even Eula’s damage multiplier has absurd damage potential at around 219,720 damage which was supposedly taken from a developer client.

The leak also reveals two new artifacts being added into the game with Genshin Impact 1.5. The first of these is The Last Act of Foolishness and the second being the Tenacity of the Millelith Set. While no specific information has been confirmed by a number of leakers, leaks suggest a potential 2-piece set and 4-piece set bonus for the artifact.

Several bosses are also rumored to be added into patch 1.5 including the Abyss Lector, Cryo Hypostasis and Azhdaha. Dataminers were only able to dig their names but were unsuccessful in obtaining images, and several key details were left out to speculation.

The leaks which came from data miners have long been a trend in games to hype up fans for upcoming game content. MiHoyo however remains steadfast by not giving in to the leaks by neither confirming nor denying information mined by the data miners.

Since patch 1.1 dataminers have been hard at work in uncovering new playable characters, revealing the likes of Rosalie during the previous update even before MiHoyo was able to announce her existence. The trend continues for patch 1.5 and perhaps even the subsequent updates.

With roughly a month prior to the supposed release of the update, it seems to be that MiHoyo is still occupied with patch 1.4 and has yet to officially announce the contents of patch 1.5 and what it has in store for the almost-40 million player base that is has built since its release last year.


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