Genshin Impact character skins coming, according to new leak

The long-awaited feature of character skins might finally come to free-to-play RPG Genshin Impact in its upcoming 1.6 update, according to recent leaks.

As of the game’s latest 1.5 update released toward the end of April, only the wind glider can be customized with different skins.

However, developer MiHoYo could have added a character skins feature to the hit gacha game’s next major update, based on the latest leak by Twitter user Project Celestia. In the past, this account has posted information in advance later confirmed to be accurate.

Playable characters Jean and Barbara are both shown with summer-themed skins.

Jean’s usual attire is a strapless shirt, separate sleeves, long tailcoat, cloak, tights, pair of knee-high boots, gauntlets, and earrings. Her leaked costume named “Sea Breeze Dandelion,” meanwhile, is a casual combination of a three-fourths top, high-waist shorts, belt, bow, and bracelets. It is still unknown how the said skin will be unlocked.

As for Barbara—whose default attire is a frock, large bow, tights, ankle boots, and cap—her leaked costume “Summertime Sparkle” features a blouse with navy collar, detachable sleeves, big bow, and a miniskirt. This is said to be obtainable as a reward from the Echoing Narration Event.

Project Celestia has since posted a disclaimer saying that the leaked content is not necessarily the final version that will come out in the game.

“As is always the case with leaks, things are subjected to change. Things are updated and iterated upon at differing frequencies,” the leak account posted. “What we leak today could very well be changed by tomorrow. Leaks should always be taken at face-value and not as gospel.”

The leaked skins are allegedly from the ongoing beta test for the upcoming update.

The patch is expected in early June since MiHoYo usually updates the game at six-week intervals.

Skins are video game features that allow players to customize characters and items. These are usually cosmetic in nature and do not affect gameplay.

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