Genshin Impact character survey launched

Do you play Genshin Impact? If yes, then you may want to answer their recently launched survey about the game’s beloved characters. Genshin Impact’s developer, miHoYo, is known for regularly gathering feedback from its community of players about the game. In the past, they’ve launched in-game surveys collecting gamers’ opinions on events in the game. They’ve even asked players about what they thought about the in-game balance. Now, miHoYo has released a Genshin Impact character survey to ask players what they think about the design of the characters in the game.

The Genshin Impact character survey called the “Game Character Aesthetic Preferences Survey” became available to players during the daily reset on May 7, 2021. If you wish to access the survey, you can find it by clicking on the Mailbox tab.

When you open your Mailbox, you’ll find a message from Paimon inviting you to answer the survey. In exchange for your answers, you will be gifted with 30,000 Mora. Do note that you can only submit the survey once, and you cannot re-edit it once it is submitted. Once you agree to answer the survey, you will be led to another screen where you’ll be asked about some of the game’s current characters. The questions vary, and some are about the characters’ individual looks or aesthetics, abilities, and personalities.

Genshin Impact Character Design Survey

The Genshin Impact character survey also makes gamers rate a random selection of Genshin characters based on how they look. It also asks players to be specific about what they like about the characters’ designs and what they think could be added or fixed. It is highly likely that miHoYo will be taking gamers’ comments into consideration when the game developers revamp and upgrade characters.

The survey also asks a variety of questions about your general preference for character design. You can choose from either original, true-to-life, or inspired by the character’s personality. The Genshin Impact character survey can currently be taken when you play the Genshin Impact game on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC. It’s not yet known how long the survey will stay live in-game, but it’s an excellent opportunity to provide feedback to the game’s developers, let your voice be heard, and earn some extra Mora, which may come in handy while you’re playing the game.

Currently, Genshin Impact has 32 unique characters with a variety of looks and abilities. Recent leaks have revealed that there may be new characters coming soon, and there may be more content coming out, too. The upcoming Genshin Impact update may also introduce the Inazuma region, which was teased in previous releases. The developers may also launch a new element for the game. However, everything is still up in the air as miHoYo has not yet revealed when the next update for the game will be. At this point, we’ll all just have to wait and see, but one thing’s for sure: the future looks pretty exciting for Genshin Impact and its community of players.

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