Genshin Impact publisher suing Discord

Cognosphere, the publisher behind the hit gacha RPG game Genshin Impact, is suing Discord in an attempt to find the identity of one of the most prolific leakers of the game.

Specifically, the Genshin Impact publisher is suing Discord to try to find the identity of the leaker known as Ubatcha, one of the main admins of the “Wangshen Funeral Parlor” Discord server. Ubatcha is responsible for leaking details about most of the game’s upcoming content, including the upcoming trading card game mode. The WFP server, on the other hand, has also become a renowned spot for Genshin Impact leaks.

As part of its DMCA subpoena, Cognosphere claims that the WFP server violates exclusive rights under copyright law related to Genshin Impact. As such, the publisher’s lawyers have asked the court to order Discord to reveal the identity of the person behind the Ubatcha account. (Read: Genshin Impact mobile earnings go over $3 billion)

Leakers usually get their information from people working on the game, either directly or indirectly. It’s possible that the person behind the Ubatcha account may have access to people working on the game, or be a developer themself with access to internal documents. Should their identity be revealed, they and their sources could face legal repercussions pursuant to any non-disclosure agreements they may have signed.

While such an action would come as a shock to the Genshin Impact community, it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how the game has been plagued with leaks as of late. A few months back, the game suffered a massive leak that revealed its planned updates for the next nine months. The extensiveness of the leak was such that many well-known leakers—including Ubatcha—publicly denied their involvement with it. As such, the lawsuit could be seen as Cognosphere and Hoyoverse sending a message to leakers that their activities will no longer be tolerated.

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