Genshin Impact’s December update to add new playable region

Hit free-to-play action RPG Genshin Impact is getting a new playable area this coming December. Developer Mihoyo estimates that it’ll arrive on the 23rd and will come with an event linked to the area as well.

In a recent blog post, Mihoyo revealed that they plan to bring an update to Genshin Impact at least once every six weeks with each update coming on a Wednesday. In addition, they also mentioned that some of these events may be timed to coincide with real-world ones.

Get ready for Dragonspine

The December update will bring the playable region of Dragonspine. This will be the first new playable area added to the game. Just how big Dragonspine will be when it arrives is as of yet unknown.

Genshin Impact’s playable world currently focuses on two major city-states, Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor, and the regions that surround, and are influenced by, these cities.

The question then is whether Dragonspine will be a large region comparable to that of either Mondstadt or Liyue, or if simply be an extension of one of these existing regions. That said, it seems unlikely that it’ll feature a new hub city based on the existing lore—aside from the two already mentioned, the names of the other nations are already known.

Whatever the case, we won’t really know until Genshin Impact’s December 23 update hits.

More events

Before the December update hits, Genshin Impact is also getting another big update on November 11. While this update won’t add a new playable area it will be adding a special event called Unreconciled Stars.

Mihoyo has yet to reveal what this new event will entail. Though there is speculation that it could give free access to a character if certain conditions are met, similar to how the current “Barbara’s Shining Debut” event gives access to the healer Barbara for those who hit Adventure Rank 20.

Speaking of “Barabara’s Shining Debut,” that event is set to end when the new update hit in November. So anyone looking to get one of the better healers in the game should aim for her before the update hits.

Following both the November and December update, the next big update is set to arrive in February 2021. This update will bring one of the first big events timed to coincide with a real-world one.

In this case, the Lantern Rite festival in Liyue Harbor, which looked to be timed to coincide with the Lunar New Year. Again, Mihoyo hasn’t revealed what exactly is going to happen with this festival, so Genshin players will simply have to wait for further announcements.

Beyond that, the developer also revealed the names of three more events. These are the Ludi Harpastrum and Windbloom Festival events in Mondstadt, and the Moonchase Festival in Liyue. As with the Lantern Festival, these are also set to coincide with certain real-world events. Mihoyo, however, has yet to say which specific events these are nor have they revealed when they’ll be coming to the game.

Regardless, it looks like Mihoyo has a lot planned for its hit game. Genshin Impact players can rest easy, knowing that the developer will continue to support the game in the near future.


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