Honkai Impact 3rd reveals more details on Genshin Impact crossover

Players looking forward to the much-awaited Honkai Impact x Genshin Impact crossover are in for a treat, as miHoYo finally announced the event’s release date. In a statement, the Chinese developer said that Honkai Impact 3rd‘s v4.9 update—Outworld Traveler—will release on July 9, 2021. Players who log in after the update will get the crossover character “Prinzessin der Verurteilung” and will get to participate in the Outworld Quest event developed by in-game factions Schicksal and Anti-Entropy.

Electro characters invade Honkai

Genshin Impact players looking to get Fischl after the update might be a little surprised with how she’s called in Honkai Impact—Prinzessin der Verurteilung. It’s worth noting that Fischl will be the first archer in Honkai Impact 3rd, having a skillset focused on sniping for weak spots and a support QTE. (Read: Genshin Impact character survey launched)

MiHoYo also announced that another popular character from Genshin Impact, the Electro swordsman Keqing, will also make a guest appearance in the crossover event; however, she’s only playable in certain story battles.

During the Outworld Quest crossover event, players will get the chance to explore a world where technology and magic coexist, thanks to the Schicksal and Anti-Entropy factions. In addition, Kiana’s true identity will be revealed in Chapter XXV. Players can also get Theresa’s crossover outfit, as well as obtain stigma, fragments and crystals. (Read: Genshin Impact PS5 version rated in Taiwan)

Honkai Impact 3rd is set in a modern world corrupted by the mysterious energy known as Honkai. Players get to lead a fledgling resistance of Valkyries—brave girls who carry the anti-Honkai genome—against the spreading Honkai disaster to protect all that is beautiful in the world.

Genshin Impact is an open-world action-adventure game created that was released for multiple platforms worldwide on September 28, 2020. Players will assume the role of a Traveler who treks through the vast magical land of Teyvat in search of their lost sibling. During their adventures, they will meet a diverse cast of characters, defeat enemies of epic proportions, and delve deeper into the mysteries of the game.

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