How to farm money early in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

With how important building and customizing your mech is in the game, many players are likely looking for ways to farm money in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

Armored Core VI differs a bit compared to From Software’s usual fare in that building and customizing your mech is equally as important as learning your enemies’ patterns and mastering your own mech. Here, you’re encouraged to collect as many components as you can for your mech so you can tailor it best to deal with the enemies in a specific mission. (Read: Armored Core VI will not be “Soulsborne”)

The catch, however, is that buying parts costs COAM—Armored Core VI‘s in-game currency—and some of the better pieces can go for hundreds of thousands. That said, there is an easy way to farm money early on in the game.

The best way to farm money early in Armored Core VI

One of the best ways to farm money in Armored Core VI can easily be accessed early on in the game. This is Mission 5 of Chapter 1, “Destroy the Tester AC.” The mission consists of a single battle against a relatively easy-to-defeat armored core.

Despite its relative ease, however, the mission still gives out a fair amount of COAM, 95,000 to be precise. Even factoring in repair and ammunition costs, this should be enough to amass hundreds of thousands in an hour or two.

The Loadout

While the mission itself is pretty generous, it still pays to bring the proper loadout to be able to both finish it quickly and do so without taking much damage. With this in mind, you’re best served by dual-wielding short-range weapons. In particular, you want to bring dual DG-026 Haldeman shotguns, as these do great damage up close and pair really well with some advanced tactics you may want to deploy later on.

What back weapons you should bring are down to your taste. Our preference is for dual vertical missile launchers in the back, though you might also consider bringing a shield early on.

The Fight

The actual fight itself isn’t too hard. Your opponent is primarily armed with a machine gun and forward-firing missiles which can be easily avoided by strafing.

In addition, they’ll also occasionally go in for melee attacks, which you can easily quick dodge (direction plus X on PC/Xbox or Square on PlayStation). Dodging the target’s two-hit melee swing also opens them up to more damage.

All in all, the fight shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Advanced tactics

If you’re still looking to make the fight go faster, or you’re having trouble getting an S rank and maximizing the money you’re earning, there is an advanced tactic you can deploy. This involves equipping the Assault Armor core expansion to allow you to stagger the opposing AC right from the start.

Since it does require a core expansion, you’ll need to progress your game further to do this trick. Specifically, you need to finish Mission 9 of Chapter 1, “Retrieve Combat Logs” to unlock core expansions.

Once you’ve unlocked core expansions, you’ll then need to farm some OST chips from the arena to purchase the Assault Armor expansion. Luckily, it only costs ons OST chip to initially unlock the expansion, though we recommend earning a few more chips and upgrading it to at least level 2.

With the Assault Armor equipped, all you need to do is assault boost (tap L3) up to the opponent and then activate the expansion (L3 and then Y on PC/Xbox and Triangle on PlayStation) to put it close to stagger. Take note, however, that depending on how they move, the opponent can still fall behind some objects preventing you fro getting the most out of the stagger, as you can see in our own playthrough below.

That said, even with some slight hitches, you should be able to easily get S-rank just about every time you replay this mission using the Assault Armor and dual-shotgun combination.

With this trick, you should be able to easily farm money early on in Armored Core VI so you can prepare for some of the harder fights that the game throws at you by the end of Chapter 1.

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