How to quickly unlock Street Fighter 6’s Outfit 2 costumes

In Street Fighter 6, players are given the ability to unlock an alternate “Outfit 2″ costume for their preferred character. These include classic costumes for returning characters like Cammy, and interesting new alternates for the newcomers like Marisa.

However, the normal method to unlock Street Fighter 6‘s Outfit 2 costumes takes a fair bit of time. The usual method to unlock one of Street Fighter 6‘s Outfit 2 costumes for a character requires a player to make them their mentor in the game’s World Tour mode then raise their bond level.

This is done by giving them their preferred gifts—a process that can take hours for each character … at least, until now.

YouTuber MagatsuVale figured out a quick and easy way to unlock Street Fighter 6‘s Outfit 2 costumes for its playable characters. The method allows players to significantly cut down on the time to unlock each costume in the game.

As demonstrated in the video below, players can use the Prepaid Card item that can be purchased from the shopkeeper Dora in the Lowlands – Commerce Plaza area of the Nayshall map. Players can buy 50 Prepaid Cards from her for 1260 Zenny each. Take note that it still takes about seven to ten hours of play to unlock Nayshall, however, so this isn’t something players can do immediately.

After buying these cards, players can just gift these cards to their preferred mentor character in the World Tour mode, raising their bond level to 100, to unlock said character’s Outfit 2.

Take note that the above method still requires that players gift the Prepaid Cards one at a time. That said, it still allows them to unlock Street Fighter 6‘s Outfit 2 costumes for their favorite character or characters much more quickly.

Of course, once players unlock their Outfit 2 costume for their character, there’s still a lot for them to do in game. Street Fighter 6 offers a lot more for players to do outside of unlocking Outfit 2, or even just playing online, with a plethora of both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

Street Fighter 6 is now currently available on Playstation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and PC via Steam.

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