Genshin Impact’s latest update will bring main tale of Inazuma to a close

After Genshin Impact introduced the islands of Inazuma, game developer miHoYo announced the release date of “Floating World Under the Moonlight,” the game’s latest update.

“Floating World Under the Moonlight” – which will be released on September 1, 2021 – will add two more large islands, three new playable characters, as well as the free crossover character Aloy. The update will also bring the conclusion of the main tale of Inazuma.

Players new to Genshin Impact will find themselves in the magical world of Teyvat on a quest to find their long-lost sibling. Currently, their adventures will take them to Mondstadt, Liyue Harbor, and Inazuma—three of the continent’s seven major cities. New cities, characters, and events are added with each major update.

The upcoming update will conclude the Traveler’s main quest in Inazuma, the land ruled by the Electro Archon. It will also add two new islands: Watatsumi Island, the home of the resistance fighters; and Seirai Island, the region’s version of the dreaded Dragonspine region in Mondstadt. Players will also get to fight the Hydro Hypostasis, Thunder Manifestation, and the new Trounce Domain Boss Signora.

Raiden Shogun enters the field

This update also heralds the introduction of Raiden Shogun as a playable character. The upcoming banner will feature the five-star Electro polearm user who not only delivers massive damage but can also serve as an energy battery for the team. Also included in the banner are Sangonomiya Kokomi, who leads the resistance and is the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island, and Kujou Sara, the general of the feared Tenryou Commission. In particular, both Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi will have story quests.

Aside from new characters, the new update will also feature the Moonchase Festival, where players will have a chance to see Keqing and Xiangling again. The festival will also have the Moonlight Seeker event, which will take treasure hunters across Liyue, Mondstadt, and Dragonspine. Participants can earn rewards and swap them for essential materials, such as the weapon Luxurious Sea-Lord—the fish claymore.

The new version will also include fishing. Fish can be caught across Teyvat and used to make fish meat or traded for incentives and new fishing rods from the Fishing Association. The Pool of Sapphire Grace, a new Serenitea Pot decoration, allows users to nurture Ornamental Fish in their own realm.

It looks like Genshin Impact is ready for you to continue exploring Inazuma.

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