League of Legends G-Shock collaboration watches revealed

Riot Games and Casio are collaborating to release a limited run of League of Legends G-Shock watches.

As one of the largest esports games on the planet, League of Legends is no stranger to interesting collaborations. For example, in 2022, Riot worked with Tiffany & Co. with the luxury jeweler designing League of Legends‘ Summoner’s Cup.

Now, the Los Angeles-based studio is working with Casio’s G-Shock for a pair of watches for the game, covering two price points.

The first of two is the League of Legends x G-Shock GM-B2100LL-1A Hextech Edition. Based on the Japan-made GM-B2100 line, it features full-metal construction, Tough Solar technology and smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth.

As its name indicates, the watch features a design based on the games’ magical “Hextech” technology. As part of this, its octagonal “CasiOak” bezel, two of its bracelet links and its lasp cover have been given an aged iron look. These are complemented by blue accents on the dial, including the blue-tinted inverted LCD display.

The suggested retail price for the League of Legends x G-Shock GM-B2100LL-1A Hextech Edition is a hefty $1,100 or around Php 62,700—expensive for gaming-themed merchandise, but not unheard of for limited edition collaboration G-Shocks. (Read: Riot will finally self-publish League of Legends in Southeast Asia)

For those balking at the price, however, the League of Legends x G-Shock GA-110LL-1A Jinx Editio comes in at a more affordable $200, which converts to around Php 11,400.

This watch has been given a wild splash of colors, with colorful Jinx-related art painted on both the case and the strap, and Jinx’s colors dominating the dial. In addition, it also features a rocket-shaped hand on its subdial, a reference to Jinx’s signature weapon.

The lower price, however, means it lacks the solar power and Bluetooth features of the more expensive watch. Both League of Legends watches feature G-Shock’s trademark shock resistance.

Both of these watches are listed as releasing on October 20, 2023, on G-Shock’s Japanese site. However, the brand’s US site lists them as “coming soon,” with some sites indicating they may be released in the US before Japan. Whether or not they’ll see a release in the Philippines, is unknown.

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