New Silent Hill games announced by Konami, including Silent Hill 2 remake

After teasing an announcement earlier this week, Konami has announced four new Silent Hill games. This included a remake of the second game and an interesting new online real-time experience.

The company made the announcements during its live stream yesterday. The stream itself opened with a first look into the Silent Hill 2 remake, specifically the iconic shot of protagonist James Sunderland staring into the mirror. This then led to a cinematic montage of scenes from the game rendered in modern graphics via the Unreal Engine.

The remake is being developed by Bloober Team, the developers behind the psychological horror game The Medium. It will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 and PC for 12 months and is already available to wishlist on the former right now.

Beyond the remake of the second game, Konami also gave a brief glimpse at Silent Hill Townfall, which is under development at No Code. The studio, whose previous work includes Observation and Stories Untold, is known for “deep psychological horror,” according to creative director John McKellen.

The third, and possibly most interesting, project revealed was Silent Hill Ascension, due sometime in 2023. Billed as a “live, real-time interactive series,” Ascension allows participants from around the world to take control of characters in a new Silent Hill story. Here, they can be part of the scenes, change outcomes and shape the series’ canon.That said, all actions participants take will have lasting implications as Ascension will apparently have no reset button.

Finally, Konami revealed Silent Hill f. The game is being worked on by Neobards Entertainment and features a story by Ryukishi07, the writer behind the When They Cry series of psychological horror visual novels. The game, which is apparently set in 1960s Japan, will also feature character and creature design by keta and will be produced by Nintendo alum Motoi Okamoto.

Beyond the four new games, Konami also revealed that a new movie based on the franchise was in the works. Called Return to Silent Hill, the film is being helmed by Christophe Gans, director of the first film. (Read: 4 tech horror stories to keep you up at night)

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