New Valkyrie Profile game Valkyrie Elysium announced by Square Enix

Square Enix announced Valkyrie Elysium, a new action-RPG in the Valkyrie Profile series, will be available this year on PlayStation 5, PlayStation4 and PC. Created by Soleil Ltd., Valkyrie Elysium draws on the richness of Norse mythology to present an original story set in a dangerous world on the verge of destruction.

The trailer, which you can see below, offers a glimpse at the new Valkyrie Profile‘s protagonist, a young Valkyrie entrusted with the fate of the world by Odin, the All-Father. On her quest, she will face a variety of enemies and will need to use a variety of weapons, magic, and the power of her allies to prevent Ragnarok—the world’s destruction.

The trailer for this new Valkyrie Profile game also shows the series’ new combat direction with classic combat mechanics reimagined for an action-RPG, such as finishing moves and combo systems.

That said, Valkyrie Elysium still also includes elements of the Valkyrie series’ classic gameplay, such as the Einherjar—recruitable warriors who will fight alongside the hero when summoned. It’s also a stunningly beautiful game, with incredible art design that captures the spirit of the series in an exciting, modern way. It also runs in 4K and 60 FPS on the PS5, resulting in an adventure that looks and feels beautifully crisp.

Returning from previous games is series veteran Motori Sakuraba who will once again handle music composition duties for the game. Meanwhile, Yuya Nagai will is handling character designs. Nagai’s previous works include NieR: AutomataGranblue Fantasy: Versus and War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. (Read: Top 5 favorite video game heroes in pink)

Valkyrie Elysium is set to release sometime later this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

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