Nvidia anti-mining tech coming to the RTX 3080 Ti

The Nvidia anti-mining hash rate limiter that the company added to the RTX 3060 will be coming to yet another video card. A known leaker going by the name Kopite7kimi has confirmed that the upcoming RTX 3080 Ti will also have the technology.

Kopite7kimi made the reveal in a series of tweets. In addition, they also gave out additional details about the RTX 3070 Ti, stating that it would only have 12GB of VRAM and not the 16GB from earlier rumors.

The Nvidia anti-mining limited is set to cut down the supposed hash rate of both RTX 3060 and the upcoming RTX 3080 Ti by half when it detects that Ethereum is being mined. This places the RTX 3060 at around 45 MH/s range with the RTX 3080 Ti expected to be limited to a similar range as well. This is quite lower than the earlier iterations of the RTX 30 series—the RTX 3060 Ti posted a hash rate of 50 MH/s while the RTX 3090 going as high as over 100 MH/s, according to Tom’s Hardware.

On top of this, to further discourage miners from availing the RTX 3000 series GPUs, NVIDIA also unveiled a mining-dedicated lineup of GPUs under the CMP Hx Series. As of this writing, some initial images of CMP from add-in board maker Gigabyte have already surfaced.

But the move has received a mixed reception from industry experts and the press. These included Linus Tech Tips‘ Linus Sebastian himself who has expressed his disappointment towards NVIDIA’s latest “stunt” in a recent podcast. (READ: Nvidia adds anti-mining technology to RTX 3060)

The RTX 3080 Ti is expected to launch sometime around April of this year.

RTX 3060 limiter, not yet hacked

Weeks after Nvidia made its incredibly bold claim of having an “unhackable” hash rate limiter, rumors spread across social media and forums of an RTX 3060 running beyond the initially set 45 MH/s and with the entire rig running around more than 360 MH/s.

The internet however was quick to investigate and it was uncovered that the screenshot was of a mining rig that was meant to mine Conflux (CFX) with the use of an octopus algorithm. Conflux is an entirely different cryptocurrency from Etherium (ETH) which the Nvidia anti-mining limiter targets.

While the initial tweet turned out to be a false alarm, it seems that the hash rate limiter—which Nvidia claimed to be unhackable when it was announced—is safe, for now. With this in mind, it’s likely that this Nvidia anti-mining technology will be seen in future RTX cards, including the RTX 3070 Ti that’s apparently in Nvidia’s roadmap for GPU releases later this year.

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