PlayStation 5’s launch was the biggest in history – Sony

Two weeks after it hit store shelves last November 12, Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5’s launch was the biggest launch of any console ever in history.

This is the second consecutive record-breaking console launch that Sony had for the PlayStation brand. Previously, the record was held by PlayStation 4 which sold an estimated 2.1 million units during the first two weeks after its launch. While there are no official figures yet, Sony has confirmed through its tweet that the PS5 has sold more than its predecessor.

With Sony’s historic launch now in the books, eyes are also locked in the titles sold during launch. The PS5 had a well-curated lineup of titles including Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the last one of which was the “biggest PlayStation launch title” according to Games Industry.

The PlayStation 5’s launch, however, did have its own share of problems. As reported by Screenrant, Sony’s new console was plagued with software issues that have affected the PlayStation 5 user experience.

Among many issues includes charging issues with their new DualSense Controller not charging in rest mode, overheating issues with the console, a download queue glitch, and even stability issues that have apparently caused the $500 console to freeze or even crash.

Amidst these issues, however, according to reports, Sony has been diligent in delivering hotfixes left and right and will potentially update the console “on a routine basis” to improve the PS5 user experience and ensure that the console is problem-free.

Apart from the software issues that Sony can most definitely solve after a few updates, the PS5 also struggled with keeping up with the demand during the launch. The New York Post reported that gamers “poured into malls and shopping centers nationwide” on Black Friday to avail the console.

According to reports, customers went as far as to spend the night outside of retail stores and being creative while waiting in their queue with some brought up folding chairs, mattresses and even gaming consoles while waiting in line.

Scalpers have also been on a roll during the PS5’s release.  One particular scalper ring has amassed an estimated 1000 PS5s during the period pre-order back in September and another batch of around 2500 PS5s as of last week. These PS5s are being sold at higher prices, with some going for as much as $1000. With retailers out of stock—Sony’s Jim Ryan himself stated that “absolutely everything is sold” in his interview with TASS—it may take a while before eager gamers are able to get their consoles.

The month of November has been the biggest month of console gaming throughout 2020, with the launch of both Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5. With Sony already confirming PS5’s historically successful launch amidst a few hiccups and Microsoft also claiming its biggest launch after a record-breaking number of consoles sold in 24 hours, the console gaming community looks to be as vibrant as ever.

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