PlayStation Plus price set to increase this September

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be paying more per month as the service is set to experience a price increase this September.

Starting September 6, Sony will be increasing the price of all PlayStation Plus membership tiers worldwide by $20. The company states that it is doing so to “continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits.”

With the PlayStation Plus price increase, the base Essential tier will now cost $79.99 (around Php 4,500 as of reporting time) for 12 months. This tier enables online play for non-free-to-play titles and gives subscribers access to free games per month.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Plus Extra Tier, which gives subscribers access to a library of up to 400 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games on top of the Essential tier’s freebies, will now go for $139.99 (around Php 8,000) for 12 months. (Read: PlayStation reveals GamePass competitor)

Finally, the most expensive PlayStation Plus Premium Tier will now go for a whopping  $159.99 (around $9,000) for 12 months. This tier adds 340 more games on top of those already available in the two lower tiers, including select PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable games. It also allows subscribers access to some PlayStation 3 games via cloud streaming.

Sony also added that the yearly plans for the PlayStation Plus tiers will still be cheaper than buying one or three months at a time. However, the company did not state what the new monthly and quarterly prices for the service would be moving forward.

Prior to this month’s impending PlayStation Plus price increase, it cost subscribers $9.99 (around Php 500) per month and $24.99 (around Php 14,000) per three months for Essential, $14.99 (around Php 850) per month and $39.99 (around Php 2,200) per three months for Extra, and $17.99 (around Php 1,000) per month and $49.99 (around Php 2,800) per three months for Premium.

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