PlayStation reveals GamePass competitor

After months of rumors, PlayStation finally revealed its GamePass competitor. The new service comes in three tiers and which will give subscribers varying levels of access to games and other content.

Surprisingly, PlayStation’s GamePass competitor, formerly known under the codename “Spartacus,” doesn’t get its own branding. Rather, the three tiers will all be under Sony’s existing PlayStation Plus brand.

Under this, existing PlayStation Plus subscribers will now be rolled under the PlayStation Plus Essentials tier. This tier has all the same benefits, including two free monthly games and exclusive discounts, on top of multiplayer access. (Read: PlayStation 5 hits over 10 million in sales)

Beyond the Essentials tier are the Extra and Premium tiers. The PlayStation Plus Extra tier gives subscribers access to a library of up to 400 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games, on top of the benefits from the Essentials tier. Pricing for the Extra tier is $14.99 (PhP 778) per month, $39.99 (PhP 2,075) per quarter or $99.99 (PhP 5,187) per year.

The highest tier is the PlayStation Plus Premium tier. This tier adds 340 more games on top of those already available in the Essentials and Extra tiers. These games include a select number of PlayStation 3 games through cloud streaming, as well as a selection of classic PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation portable games. In addition, all of these games can be streamed via the cloud using the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, as well as on PC.

Finally, the Premium tier will also give subscribers access to time-limited trials, allowing subscribers to try out certain games before they buy.

Premium tier will cost $17.99 (Php 1037) per month, $49.99 (Php 3,593) per quarter or $119.99 (Php 6,225) per year.

PlayStation’s new GamePass challenging service for PS Plus is set to launch in June of this year. When that happens, all existing PlayStation Plus subscribers will automatically be rolled into the Essentials tier. Meanwhile, PlayStation Now subscribers will be migrated into the PlayStation Plus Premium tier with no increase to their current subscription fees.

Update: Sony also confirmed a fourth tier, Deluxe, for geographical regions that don’t allow for game streaming. This will cost slightly lower than the Premium tier and will exclude PlayStation 3 games.

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