Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have four-player co-op

Nintendo’s latest trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet revealed that the game will have four-player co-op when it launches for the Switch on November 18.

First revealed earlier this year, Scarlet and Violet are the next mainline entries in the widely popular Pokemon franchise. The games represent a return to the classic Pokemon-training formula after Pokemon Legends: Arceus took it in a different direction, more akin to Capcom’s Monster Hunter games. (Read: New Pokémon game announced, will release late 2022)

While they bring back classic Pokemon gameplay, one interesting new feature is making it into these games. For the first time ever, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be introducing four-player co-op. While previous games in the franchised featured competitive multiplayer, Scarlet and Violet will allow four friends to now go on their Pokemon journey together (in a manner somewhat reminiscent of the animated shows).

Other interesting new changes include the fact that the games will feature two distinct professors. Older gamers and fans may remember Professor Oak from the very first games, who served as their guide into the world. Since then, each generation has featured a professor who takes up that same role.

For Scarlet and Violet, players will instead be aided by two professors, instead of just one. Professor Sada and Professor Turo will be on hand to guide players in the world of Scarlet and Violet. And players may need that guidance as while its gameplay harkens back to the mainline games, Scarlet and Violet retains the open-world style first debuted in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Unlike previous mainline Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet will allow players to explore the world at their own leisure, instead of limiting them to an order dictated by the story.

As for the world itself, not much has been revealed about the new region players will be allowed to explore. Previous Pokemon games have based their world on based on real-world locations. The early games limited themselves to regions in Japan. Meanwhile, the more recent entries have branched out to other countries, featuring fictional game worlds based on France and the UK. With the latter in mind, footage of the game released so-far has led some fans to believe that Scarlet and Violet‘s game world is based on Spain and Portugal.

Whether or not this is the case, fans wont have to wait much longer with the trailer, which you can see below, confirming that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to arrive on Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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