PS5’s latest update adds new storage features

Ever since it was released, the PlayStation 5 has been making waves in the gaming scene. Gaming enthusiasts across the globe were thrilled to learn about the hot, new console, and pre-orders for the PS5 came by the thousands. In fact, many people were unable to get their hands on the device because of the sheer volume of orders. If you’re one of the lucky few who already have a PlayStation 5, or you’re hoping to get one of your own very soon, keep reading. This one’s for you.

Last April, the PS5 had its first major system software update. The update was rolled out globally, and it’s chock-full of new developments and features that is designed to enhance gameplay for all users. The development team behind Sony’s PlayStation 5 discussed the updates on their site, stating that they are “passionate about enhancing [our] experience on PlayStation in every possible way”.

There are four main developments that have been included in the PS5’s latest update: expansion of storage for the console added social features for both PlayStation 4 and 5, enhanced personalization and control for gamers, and upgraded app features. (Read: PlayStation 5’s launch was the biggest in history – Sony)

Storage Expansion

Because of the PS5 April upgrade, gamers can now store their PS5 games on compatible external drives. This boosts their PS5’s storage capabilities, and it allows gamers to copy their games to the PS5’s internal storage once they’re ready for playing. This lets gamers save a lot of time, and they no longer need to re-download their games from a disc.

Added Social Features

PS4 and PS5 gamers can use the Share Play function together. Using Share Play, users on either console can chat and view each other’s gaming screen. They can even play co-op games together. Additionally, players will now be able to join in on their friends’ gaming sessions using the “Request to Join” option. This feature is available for both PS4 and PS5 users, and this allows users to enjoy gaming with their friends even more.

Control and Personalization

The April PS5 update has made the console more user-friendly. The revamped Game Base menu can now access certain areas much more quickly, and gamers can transfer from Parties and Friends seamlessly. Gamers can also turn off the game chat or control other players’ volume, which may be helpful during times in-game where extreme concentration is necessary.

Developers will also be enabling the pre-upload of updates for games very soon, which will allow gamers to play with the latest version of a game once its update is released. Additionally, magnification and zoom settings can now be adjusted according to preference.

Upgraded App Features

Sony is also expected to be rolling out more updates regarding their PlayStation App. It is their goal to help users more easily access their PlayStations remotely. Using the app, gamers can enhance their gaming experience and enjoy fun, interactive features that they can share with their friends.

These updates are expected to be fully implemented by the month of May. If you’re looking for a sign to cop your very PlayStation 5, this is it.

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