Riot shows of Valorant’s latest agent Astra in new trailer

Riot Games revealed hero-shooter Valorant‘s latest agent with a new trailer on Saturday, Feb. 27. Named Astra, the new agent brings some unique new mechanics in a game filled with them.

Hailing from Ghana, Astra is a controller who can reshape the battlefield to her whim using her cosmic powers. According to Valorant producer John “Riot MEMEMEMEME” Goscicki, the afro-futurism movement—as seen in films such as Black Panther—heavily influenced Astra’s design.

Somewhat similar to Reyna, Astra comes uses an astral form as her Signature Ability. Unlike the former, however, going into astral teleports Astra high above the battlefield. While in this form, she can place stars, using the “X” key that she can then manipulate in a number of ways.

Pressing C activates a star to turn into a “Gravity Well.” When this is activated, players in the immediate area get pulled towards its center before it explodes. This can be useful for weakening the enemy team as they pass through choke points.

Her “Nova Pulse,” activated by pressing “Q,” is more akin to a flashbang or stun grenade. When Astra activates this, a star first charges briefly before detonating, concussing all players within its area of effect.

Meanwhile, players can press “F” to activate “Nebula” to transform a star into a cloud of smoke. In addition, she can also fake a Nebula by pressing “F” to “use” a star, forming a brief smoke cloud that dissipates quickly.

Finally, Astra’s Ultimate is “Cosmic Divide.” When using this, Astra can use her astral form to create a barrier between two points on a map that both blocks bullets and heavily dampens audio.

In addition to Astra, Valorant‘s latest patch also brings with it a new Battle Pass that player’s can level up and purchase for 1000 VP. This adds a number of new sprays, skins and cards.

All of these, including Astra, are already available in-game. For those who’re still on the fence about Valoran’s latest agent, check out Astra’s trailer below.

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