Sony possibly teasing new PS5 model for next year

Since it rereleased the original PlayStation as the PSone in 2000, Sony has made a tradition of releasing redesigned versions of its consoles. Two years into its life, it may be the PlayStation 5’s turn for a redesign as a Sony executive may be teasing a new PS5 for next year.

Talking to Famitsu, Sony Vice President Hideaki Nishino seemed to subtly hint that a new PS5 console may be arriving in 2023. Specifically, Nishino was asked whether the PS5’s third year could be as big as that of the PlayStation 4—Sony released the PlayStation 4 Pro during that console’s third year. To this, Nishino stated that 2023 will be a “very important” year for the console. (Read: PlayStation 5 supply issues in Asia to be resolved by 2023)

“We believe that cumulative sales will exceed 37 million units by the end of fiscal 2022, and that it will be a very important time for the platform as well,” Nishino stated.

“I won’t be able to talk about specifics at this time, but I hope that you will look forward to next year,” he added.

It should be noted that Nishino did not specifically make mention of a redesign of the PlayStation 5. That said, other sites are noting that he did not deny the possibility, especially when the console’s trajectory was compared with that of the PS4.

As for what a new PS5 could bring, rumors from earlier this year have hinted at a model with a detachable optical disc drive. According to these reports, the new PS5 model will instead have the disc drive connect to the console via an extra USB-C port at its back. The reports also claim that the new model will be sold on its own or in a bundle with the disc drive. This will mirror the current SKUs for the PS5, but give those on the cheaper model an option to buy the disc drive later on.

Beyond the detachable drive, the rumors claim that the new PS5 will feature the same hardware as existing models—no “PS5 Pro” model, at least not for now. Whether or not these is true, we’ll likely find out next year.

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