Street Fighter 6 features simplified controls as an option

When it launches next year, Capcom’s upcoming Street Fighter 6 will feature simplified controls for players not familiar with fighting games.

Capcom dropped a new trailer for Street Fighter 6 during Sony’s recent State of Play, showing off more of their new flagship fighter. Among the many changes the game is bringing are two new control schemes—Classic and Modern.

The “Classic Control Type” is the same six-button control scheme long-time players have learned to expect from any fighting game. This means that special moves are pulled off using motion inputs. However, the “Modern Control Type” simplifies things for players not familiar with the genre. According to Capcom’s press release, this mode allows players to pull off special moves simply by combining the “Special Move” button with a directional input.

Now this sort of streamlining is not new to the genre. Games such as Granblue VersusPower Rangers Battle for the Grid and Riot Games’ as of yet untitled fighter—codenamed “Project L”—are all built around simplified controls. That said, simplified controls still remain contentious within the fighting game community, and it seems Capcom is aware of that. The company is quick to point out in its press release that the use of the “Modern Control Type” is “optional.”

Street Fighter 6 also brings open-world to fighting games

Beyond giving Street Fighter 6 the option for simplified controls, Capcom adding another feature that they hope will help newer players get into the genre. Street Fighter 6’s single-player campaign will feature an “immersive” open-world that players can traverse in search of battles. (Read: 6 things we’d like to see in Street Fighter 6)

The open-world “Word Tour” mode was the focus of the trailer shown off at the State of Play, showing off a player character running around Metro City—the Street Fighter universe’s version of New York—eventually challenging someone to a fight, wherein the game seemingly transitioned to the traditional 2D one-on-one mode.

Additional details on how the “World Tour” mode will work have yet to be revealed. The rest of the trailer focused on the characters confirmed to be in the game including series stalwarts Ryu and Chun-li, as well as Street Fighter V‘s Luke. It also dropped glimpses of Street Fighter 6 newcomers Jamie and Kimberly, the former utilizing what looks to be a form of drunken boxing.

While Street Fighter 6’s new features seem mostly focused on new players, Capcom is still adding in new features for the more competitive-focused veterans. One such feature is in-game real-time commentary featuring real-life commentators. So far, Capcom have confirmed Jemery “Vicious” Lopez on English commentary and Aru on Japanese. Whether or not more commentators will be added later on is unknown, but is likely to happen.

As expected for a trailer dropped at a Sony event, the trailer below confirms that Street Fighter 6 will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, Capcom has since confirmed that the game will also be coming to PC, via Steam and Xbox Series as well.

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