Tekken 8 will have its own take on the Battle Hub from Street Fighter 6

A new Tekken 8 trailer was shown at Gamescom opening night in Cologne, one showing a new feature that’s drawn comparisons to the Battle Hub from Street Fighter 6.

In fairness, Tekken 8‘s new Arcade Quest mode is not an online arcade lobby like Street Fighter 6’s Battle Hub. Instead, it’s a singleplayer mode where players get to access many of the game’s modes through a virtual arcade.

That said, one thing it does share with the Battle Hub is the use of custom avatars. In this case, Tekken 8 gives players the ability to create chibi-style avatars similar to Xbox Avatars or Nintendo’s Miis. Players will be able to customize their avatars using items they earn via playing the various modes and activities in Arcade Quest. (Read: Top 8 fighting game singleplayer modes)

This is on top of being able to customize characters’ outfits just like in Tekken 7.

The Tekken 8 announcements, however, were not limited to the Battle Hub-esque Arcade Quest mode. The new trailer also revealed that androgynous fighter Leo Kliesen would be joining the game’s cast of playable fighters.

More importantly, it revealed the game’s release date—January 26, 2024—where it will launch with four distinct editions.

On top of the base standard edition, Tekken 8 will also come in Deluxe, Ultimate and Premium Collector’s Editions. The Deluxe edition will come with a Gold Suit Pack with 32 character costumes, the bonus Kinjin avatar costumes and the Year 1 DLC character pass with four playable characters.

The Ultimate Edition, on the other hand, comes with all those as well as a “Classic Tekken” 32 t-shirt set for players’ avatars, and Kazuya, Jun and Jin avatar skins.

Finally, the Premium Collector’s Edition will come with all of the items in the previous two editions on top of an “exclusive electrified figuring” of protagonist Jin Kazama, a Leroy Smith metal ring, an arcade token and eight glossy collectible cards.

Meanwhile, pre-ordering any of the editions of the game will also net players Paul Phoenix, Mokujin and Testujin avatar costume sets.

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