Valve reveals Steam Deck OLED with better connectivity, more storage, longer battery life

Valve announced that its Steam Deck PC-based portable console would be getting an updated model with an OLED screen. The new Steam Deck OLED, as it’s officially called, comes not only with a new screen but with some updated specs that should make it easier on its batteries and more storage.

The new OLED screen measures 7.4 inches, slightly bigger than the 7-inch LCD screen of its predecessor. It’s also lighter, thinner, more efficient and features a wider color gamut, at 110 P3, with the inky blacks OLED screens are known for

In addition, it’s also faster, with a 90 Hz refresh rate compared to the original’s 60Hz. The latter should allow for smoother visuals — though not as smooth as the 120Hz from the competing Asus ROG Ally.

Beyond the updated screen, the Steam Deck OLED comes with some slightly updated hardware. Take note that these aren’t meant to make the new one more powerful than its predecessor — Valve claims that the new OLED model has the same “performance target” as the old one. Instead, the changes seem to be more focused on making a few key quality-of-life changes and increased battery life.

The latter comes in part due to an updated APU that built on a 6 nanometer process and updated memory that can run at a more efficient 6,400 mega transfers per second. More importantly, the battery now has more capacity at 50Wh compared to the original’s 40Wh.

The Steam Deck OLED also comes with increased storage, double that from the previous model. As with the original released last year, the new Steam Deck OLED comes with multiple models with different storage. The cheaper of these comes with “just” 512 GB of onboard storage, while the more expensive one arrives with a whopping 1 TB of onboard storage. (Read: Here’s what you need to know about Valve’s Steam Deck)

Beyond that, the Steam Deck OLED is getting a a Wi-Fi 6E module and a dedicated BlueTooth module. The latter allows for improved audio quality with wireless headphones, the option to wake the Steam Deck from a controller and the capability to connect multiple Bluetooth controllers for multiplayer.  In addition, Valve has also improved the haptics and the touchscreen.

Finally, the new model comes with some updated accessories. First is a new power supply that allows for faster charging, with a claim of being able to bring the device from 20 percent charge to 80 percent in just 45 minutes. The second is an updated carrying case with a removable liner that can be used as its own, thinner, carrying pouch.

To coincide with these updates Valve is releasing a new BIOS for the system. While the BIOS is meant to align with the new model’s updated hardware, it’ll also provide some battery life improvements to the old model.

For those interested, the new Steam Deck OLED models will retail for around the same price as the original when it launches on November 16, 2023. The 512GB model will retail for $549 (around PhP 30,000), while the 1 TB model will retail for $649 (approximately PhP 36,000).

In addition, Valve will continue to sell the 256GB version of the Steam Deck with the old LCD screen for a suggested retail price of $399 (around Php 22,000).

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