Xbox Series X price may have been leaked by Pringles

With PlayStation and Microsoft both playing a game of chicken with the prices of their next-gen consoles, an unlikely company, Pringles may have just accidentally lost the game for Microsoft, spilling the beans on the Xbox Series X’s price.

In a Facebook post, Pringles’ South African unit announced a promotional contest in which consumers have a chance to win an Xbox Series X by purchasing a can of their participating products. Each product would have a promotional code that can be used to redeem a bonus 7-day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code which can be used to gain access to over 100 gaming titles on their platform.

Each valid entry will take part in a draw with Xbox Series X as the grand prize and prizes are drawn every 10 days beginning on September 10 and ending on October 16. There will be five drawings and around nine to 11 Xbox Series Xs are expected to be given away in each.

As part of this, Pringles also gave out details regarding the value of the said prizes.

While the prices are stated in South African Rand, a quick conversion places the R621,000 total prize to be at around $37,000 dollars for 46 units, which breaks down to around R13,500 or $815 each one. Locally, this sets the Xbox Series X’s price at around Php39,500.

While this has neither been confirmed nor denied by Microsoft, a Twitter user was quick to breakdown the price and even gave out an estimate of the retail price of Xbox Series X for U.S. and the European market.

In a series of tweets, @Cav1E broke down price details and additional info regarding the said Pringles leak. He also mentioned that South Africa has a higher recommended retail price (RRP) than the U.S. This would mean that the Xbox Series X may not actually cost $815 but may go a bit lower.

A number of other Twitter users also chipped in the discussion, confirming the higher RRP for South Africa and speculating that the XBox Series X’s RRP might go for as low as $699 or even $599 in America.

In an interview with BBC last June, Phil Spencer, Vice President of Gaming for Microsoft and the head of the Xbox brand stated that they are planning to add a “subscription-based” payment scheme that would allow consumers to play the Series X to be paid on a monthly basis.

Spencer also assured consumers that support for current consoles will still continue and features like Xbox’s Smart Delivery which aims to allow current games to be played on future or next-gen consoles but retaining player data at the same time.

It is worth remembering that during its release back in July 2017, Xbox One X – the Series X predecessor, cost $499.99. Compared to its specs during release and Microsoft’s latest gaming console, the speculations after the Pringles leak might have a solid lead towards the actual price of the Series X which is set to launch in November 2020.


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