Xbox Series X price revealed, cheaper Series S model announced

Following a leak of its supposed pricepoint via a South African promotional campaign from Pringles, it seems that Microsoft finally went ahead and revealed the Xbox Series X’s price. In addition, the company has also announced a cheaper version called the Xbox Series S.

While the Pringles leak pegged the console as having a pretty high price, many who were familiar with how much higher prices for consoles in South Africa were speculated that the console’s U.S. price would be around $500. It turns out that this is correct.

Windows Central is reporting that the Xbox Series X will retail for $499 when it arrives in stores on November 10, or Php24,000 when it arrives here in the Philippines.

This isn’t the only thing that Microsoft has announced. When the Series X arrives in November, it’ll come alongside the cheaper Xbox Series S, which has an expected retails price of only $299—Php14,600.


The biggest difference between the flagship Series X and the cheaper Series S, aside from the different form-factor, is the latter’s lack of an optical drive. This mirrors Sony’s own plans for its PlayStation 5 which also has a cheaper version without such a drive.

A bigger question, however, is whether the Series S will have the same silicon as the Series X.  Reports about a possible cheaper Xbox that came out earlier this year speculated that it would have a slightly worse performance—having the same performance gap to the Series X as the current Xbox One and Xbox One S have to the more powerful Xbox One X.

If this is the case, and the Series S does have slightly lower performance, then it’ll be a marked difference from how Sony is approaching the release of the PlayStation 5.

While the PlayStation 5 will come out in two specific form factors, based on what Sony has revealed, both versions of the console will feature the same silicon underneath—the only difference is that one lacks a disk drive.

Of course, this could mean that Microsoft is aiming to undercut the disk-less PlayStation 5 version by making its own disk-less console less powerful.

As if the Series S’s lower price-point wasn’t enough, Microsoft has also announced that players can finance it—and the Series X—via the Xbox All Access program.

With the program, players can instead opt to pay $25 per month for their Series S or $35 per month for their Series X. Whether or not All Access monthly finance will be available in the Philippines is unknown. That said, introducing the program here could possibly help win some buyers over in a country where Sony’s PlayStation has generally beaten it in sales.

As for the PlayStation 5, the company has yet to announce a price for both versions of the next-gen console. That said, with Microsoft finally showing their hand, it’s likely we’ll be hearing from Sony soon.

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