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New Suicide Squad trailer gives us our first look at The Flash and Wonder Woman

During DC’s Fandome event, the company unveiled new trailers and teasers for a slew of upcoming comic-book projects, including a new trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. The trailer gives us our first look at what The Flash and Wonder Woman will look like in the 2022 sequel to the Arkham series. Rocksteady

facebook content harassment

What happens to your life stories if you delete your Facebook account?

If the latest deluge of Facebook controversies has you ready to kick the app to the digital curb, you are not alone. There are plenty of good guides out there on how to do it right. Even Facebook makes it pretty easy to understand the nuances of saying “see ya later” (deactivating) or “never speak to me again” (deleting). But before you go,

Twitch implementing features to stop hate raids

Twitch is making changes to stop hate raids. The streaming service is enabling features that allow creators to restrict who can or cannot hop into their chat. Twitch streamers have been dealing with a plague of “hate raids” for the better part of the summer. Bad-faith streamers can send droves of commenters to other channels in coordinated

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