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Shhhh, they’re listening – inside the coming voice-profiling revolution

You decide to call a store that sells some hiking boots you’re thinking of buying. As you dial in, the computer of an artificial intelligence company hired by the store is activated. It retrieves its analysis of the speaking style you used when you phoned other companies the software firm services. The computer has concluded

An iPad shortage could be a thing as the chip shortage hits Apple

Is there an iPad shortage on the horizon? For a while, Apple didn’t seem to be bothered by the pandemic. As seen in its performance during 2020, the tech giant has been churning out product after product, and its sales have been pretty good, all things considered. But recent news reports have come out saying

buy amd graphics card

GUIDE: Should you buy an AMD graphics card?

It used to be that the most obvious choice when buying a graphics card was Nvidia. For the longest time, the Santa Clara-based company’s GeForce GPUs were the clear leaders when it came to graphical performance. But these days, AMD has just about caught up with Nvidia with its latest Radeon GPUs. This begs the

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