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Nvidia reveals RTX 4000 pricing and release date

After months of waiting, Nvidia has finally revealed the RTX 4000 series GPUs’ pricing and release date. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed these details as part of his keynote during the company’s three-day GTC 2022 event this week. The announcement comes on the heels of a leak that had the cards being released within the

Intel Arc A770 GPU finally ready for retail – Pat Gelsinger

After months of waiting and even speculation of their cancellation, the Intel Arc A770 GPU is finally heading to retail. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger made the announcement via a recent tweet where he confirmed that he received his own personal A770 from Intel graphics head Raja Koduri. As part of the tweet, he confirmed that

REV Major 2022 reminded me of why I love fighting games and the fighting game community

This past weekend saw the return of REV Major, the Philippines’ biggest fighting game tournament. For many fighting game fans, it makes a welcome return to big, in-person tournaments. For me, however, it was more than that. Rev Major 2022 allowed me to reinvigorate my relationship with the genre and the community—something that had suffered

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