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The Game Awards 2023 biggest World Premieres

While the 10th iteration of the Game Awards ostensibly meant to honor the achievements of the video game industry over the past year, a big part of why people watched was for the World Premieres of games at the show. For a long time now, The Game Awards has been one of the biggest stages…

Grand Theft Auto VI returns the series to Vice City

Grand Theft Auto VI, the long-awaited sixth numbered installment in Rockstar’s seminal open-world franchise, will be bringing players back to Vice City. The setting of the 2002 spinoff Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the Miami-based locale was one of three major locales from the loose trilogy of games that was the GTAIII era of the…

Street Fighter 6 getting animé collab with Spy x Family

Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 will be having a collaboration event with the hit animé Spy x Family to celebrate the release of the latter’s latest theatrical release. The Spy x Family Code: White Special Vs Street Fighter 6 collaboration celebrates the release of the Spy x Family CODE: White animated movie. To announce the collaboration,…

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