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Apple is finally killing the iPod

An era comes to an end as Apple announced it’s finally killing one of its most iconic products—the iPod. Last week, the world’s largest technology company announced that manufacturing of the ever-trusty device, which revolutionized music accessibility all over the world, has effectively ceased; noting that customers can still purchase the latest version of the

Two more Kingdom Hearts titles on the way

Two decades of Square Enix’s Disney crossover series are clearly not enough as the publisher revealed that there will be two more Kingdom Hearts titles coming soon.  At the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event, the Japanese video game company bared their future plans for the franchise, exciting fans all over the world with the announcement of

PlayStation 5 gets VRR support

Sony’s PlayStation finally embraces on-screen display advancements after announcing the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support feature arriving on the PS5.  PlayStation 5 VRR support, a much-requested feature for Sony’s newest gaming console ever since it launched back in November 2020, was first teased by the gaming mogul last month; but a blog posted last week

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