AMD announced new RX 6000 cards, mobile Ryzen 5000 CPUs at CES

CES 2021 was a big event for the folks over at AMD. During her keynote, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su unveiled a number of new products including a new set of Radeon RX 6000 GPUs for desktop, and new mobile Ryzen 5000 CPUs for laptops.

Perhaps the biggest announcement in Dr. Su’s keynote presentation is that the Ryzen 5000 line of processors, which are highly regarded by both the gaming community and PC enthusiasts, is getting a mobile version be coming into gaming laptops later this year.

Ryzen 5000 mobile CPUs are based on AMD’s Zen 3 architecture which, according to Dr. Su are “the most powerful PC processors ever built,” thanks to its 7 nm production process that offers a “stunning 2.8x lead over competing architectures” according to AMD.

Another major announcement during the keynote presentation is the confirmation of new RX 6000 cards, the RX 6700 and RX 6600, which are set to arrive on PCs sometime during2021. 2020 saw a number of shortages of both Nvidia and AMD’s new GPUs as a result of the pandemic, which has the heightened demand for these GPUs.

The Radeon RX 6000 series was lauded when its first variants, the AMD RX 6800, 6800 XT and 6900 XT, were released last year. The current lineup of the AMD’s 6000 series offers stiff competition going head to head with Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series and with benchmark scores and demos showing that both GPU lines are neck-and-neck when it comes to performance, despite AMD’s lower price point. (Read: Should you get an AMD Radeon RX 6800 or 6800 XT?)

The new RX 6700 and RX6600 should give AMD a competitor to Nvidia’s upcoming GeForce RTX 3060, which was also announced at CES.

In what seems to be a move to rival Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series mobile launch, AMD has also launched its bid towards mobile GPU SKUs during their keynote, a showcase demonstrating Dirt 5 being run on a laptop at 1440p and 60 FPS.

According to Dr. Su, RDNA 2 powered notebooks will roll out as early as the first half of the year along with new mainstream RDNA 2 graphics card designs which would make the presence of RDNA 2 present across all platforms, from the next-gen consoles that were released last year, desktops and soon notebooks as well.

With both rival companies AMD and Nvidia taking CES 2021 by storm, 2021 may overall be a better year for gaming and technology in general pushing both the traditional desktop and gaming laptops in terms of performance and, more importantly, the price points in which these are sold at is a healthy sign of the ongoing bout between both companies. With the demand of their latest hardware at an all-time high due to the pandemic, both Nvidia and AMD has their hands full for 2021.

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