Chrono Cross remaster coming to Nintendo Switch this April

A Chrono Cross remaster is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 17. The remaster brings with it a host of upgrades, as well as the first official English-language release of another, related, Chrono game.

Chrono Cross was first released for the PlayStation in 1999, allowing Chrono Trigger fans to revisit the world of the iconic Super Nintendo role-playing game. It stars Serge, a 17-year-old boy who is transported to an alternate reality where he died as a child, as well as a colorful cast of 45 potential party members from various dimensions.

Chrono Cross received some criticism at the time of its release for its lack of resemblance to Chrono Trigger, a minor issue that director Masato Kato addressed in a 1999 interview with series composer Yasunori Mitsuda. (Read: You should live your life with music playing in the background)

“After the announcement of Cross, I heard a lot of voices out there that were saying things like, ‘Man, this isn’t Chrono,’” Kato explained in the interview. “To tell you the truth, I was gravely disappointed. Yes, the platform changed; and yes, there were many parts that changed dramatically from the previous work. But in my view, the whole point in making Chrono Cross was to make a new Chrono with the best available skills and technologies of today. I never had any intentions of just taking the system from Trigger and moving it onto the PlayStation console. That’s why I believe that Cross is Cross, and not Trigger 2.”

The Chrono Cross remaster is subtitled The Radical Dreamers Edition. As the name suggests it includes Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki, the text-based adventure that acts as a companion to the original Chrono Trigger. This will be the first that the game will be officially playable in English. Originally, it was originally only released in Japan for the Super Famicom’s Satellaview add-on.

Beyond that, the Chrono Cross remaster will also introduce a host of improvements. These include the ability to disable random encounters, enhanced visuals, as well as an enhanced soundtrack.

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