Dragon’s Dogma 2 announced by Capcom

During a live stream celebrating the original game’s 10th anniversary, Capcom announced that Dragon’s Dogma 2 was currently in development.

Released in early 2012, Dragon’s Dogma was Capcom’s take on the then-burgeoning action RPG genre. The game borrowed a lot more from western RPGs of the time such as the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. While the game didn’t become a blockbuster hit, it did garner a cult following thanks to its innovative, freeform combat.

It’s this cult-following that Capcom has continued to pander to, with the company re-releasing the game and its Dark Arisen expansion on modern systems a few years back. But now, the company seems ready to move forward with a new iteration of the game. (Related: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak hits PC on June 30)

The game itself was revealed the original’s director Hideaki Itsuno, the man behind Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry V, during the game’s 10th anniversary live stream. Here, Itsuno proudly revealed a shirt revealing the game’s title, Dragon’s Dogma 2. Sadly, neither Itsumo nor Capcom at large gave out any other details. It looks like fans will have to wait a bit more to learn more about the upcoming sequel.

In the meantime, you can watch the entire Dragon’s Dogma 10th anniversary video below.

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