Edge is the best browser on Windows 10, Microsoft claims

Is Microsoft Edge the best browser on Windows 10? Tech giant Microsoft certainly seems to think so. For years, various browsers (remember Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Yahoo?) have battled it out for supremacy on the World Wide Web, and it seems that Microsoft’s new additions to the Edge browser have allowed it to take the crown– for now.

The Edge upgrades Microsoft implemented have made the browser launch faster and have enhanced its performance for users, giving it an edge (get it?) over major competitors like Google, which recently launched the Chrome 91 browser. Although users have been raving over the new version of Google Chrome, the Edge browser can match up to it in terms of style and performance.

The team behind Microsoft Edge took to their blog to discuss the upgrades, saying that: “Microsoft Edge will be the best performing browser on Windows 10 when Microsoft Edge version 91 releases later this week.” According to the team, they can confidently say that this is so because of the “startup boost and sleeping tabs” that they added to the browser, which will significantly improve how the browser performs and make it even more user-friendly.

The tech giant first rolled out its startup boost feature for the Edge browser earlier this year in March. According to the team, this boost makes the browser load approximately 41% faster than it normally would, saving users precious time. The sleeping tabs feature was also introduced earlier this year, and it boosts performance by preventing the browser from taking up too much memory and system resources. It puts inactive tabs to sleep, which allows them to stay in the background without affecting system performance.

Currently, Edge is the default browser for Windows products. While Google is one of its major competitors in the big tech game, Microsoft rebuilt the browser and used Chromium for its core, making the Edge browser ultra-fast and better-performing than its predecessor. It now has features like Read Aloud and media casting, and it even allows users to download web pages as apps.

Users particularly enjoy the Edge browser because it’s highly customizable. One thing to note is its easily navigable Privacy and Services page, which makes typically hard-to-understand settings easier to digest. The Site Permissions page is also fairly simple to go through, and users can pick, choose, and fine-tune permissions for sites and apps. This includes pop-ups, ads, and device access.

The Microsoft Edge browser is eerily similar to Google Chrome, but its variety of customization options and stellar performance make it a little better than the Chrome browser. Even on non-Microsoft devices like an Apple Mac computer, the browser runs smooth like butter. However, while Microsoft Edge is currently touted as the best browser on Windows 10, it’s not stingy with the spotlight.

Microsoft is reportedly also helping Google improve the way that Chrome manages its tabs. Despite their rivalry, the two tech giants are working together to develop their products and provide users with a more efficient online experience.

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