Final Fantasy VII Rebirth news teased by producer Kitase

The producer of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is teasing some big news for the second game in the FFVII Remake trilogy.

In his New Year’s message, Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase told fans that work on the game was ramping up and they should wait for more news on it.

“Development on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which I’m producing, is also accelerating,” he stated. “Please wait for more news as you wonder things like “How will that memorable scene be reproduced?”

“In addition to this, we also have a big announcement that we can’t reveal just yet,” he added.

Kitase later echoed the same sentiments while talking to Famitsu, stating that “VII” would be his “keyword” for 2023 and many years to come.

While the promise of more news for the much-awaited sequel is exciting, it shouldn’t come as a surprise given its expected release window. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled to release on PlayStation 5 sometime in the Winter of 2023. (Read: The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer answers questions and raises even more about the FFVII Remake sequel)

The game itself follows up on 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, which added new twists and turns to the original’s story, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a “remake” in the process. With that in mind, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will likely push these boundaries even further, especially as it’s expected to cover some important story beats. This includes the “memorable scene” Kitase hinted at in his message.

Beyond the tease of more Final Fantasy VII Rebirth news, Kitase confirmed that the remaining four out of seven Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary promotional events will push through this year even though the anniversary itself was last year. The first three of these took place last year—a Twitter campaign, a birthday campaign for Cloud and a giveaway campaign for a Buster Sword body pillow.

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