First low-resolution photos of the Samsung Galaxy Fold2 surface

The world may have gotten a first, blurry look at the follow-up to Samsung’s foldable phone/tablet hybrid. Known Samsung leaker Ice universe has posted what he claimed to be an official render, albeit a low-resolution one, of the upcoming Galaxy Fold2.

The render shows to Fold2’s stacked on top of each other. The one on top shows the inner screen, while the one of the bottom offering a glimpse of the front display and rear camera. 

Perhaps, more interesting is the name. The device will seemingly be called the “Galaxy Z Fold2,” reflecting the change to “Galaxy Z” as a new sub-brand for Samsung’s foldable smartphones. Samsung’s website has already implemented the change for the original Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 photos offer no concrete details, but improvements evident

As the leak is just a blurry image, there aren’t any concrete specifications that can be gleaned from it. That said, what can be seen are clear improvements over its predecessor.

At the very least, the Fold2 looks to have a much larger front screen. The original Fold’s front screen was derided for its comically large bezels. This prevented the device from truly fulfilling Samsung’s promise of being a smartphone when closed. 

Not only did the smaller screen on the original Fold make typing on it harder, but it was also small enough that it couldn’t fit a normal home screen with a four-wide grid of icons.

From the leaked photo, it looks like the Fold2’s front screen now fills the entire front of the device—just like a normal smartphone. This will make it infinitely more usable than that of its predecessor.

Another improvement from the original seems to be the removal of the original’s camera notch. While the photo doesn’t seem to show what the Fold2’s front camera solution will be, Ice universe previously shared a rough mock-up of the device that hinted that it would have a hole-punch camera. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip already has a hole-punch camera; as such, bringing this to the Fold2 seems like an obvious move.

The rear camera bump, a rectangular setup with circular highlights around the camera lens, looks similar to what was seen in leaks of the upcoming Galaxy Note 20.

Also similar to the Galaxy Note 20 leaks is the Fold2’s flagship color, a striking bronze.

Fold2 could be revealed on August 5

With the leak, the question now is when will Samsung actually reveal the Galaxy Z Fold2. 

The South Korean company recently said that it would reveal five devices at its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on August 5.

Among the obvious candidates to be revealed are the previously leaked Note 20, the Galaxy Watch 3 and the so-called “Galaxy Buds” wireless earbuds. However, signs are also pointing to a possible Fold2 reveal at the event.

On Sunday, July 19, the official Samsung Mobile Twitter posted a tweet with the message “One fold, infinite possibilities. Unpacked on August 5, 2020.” The tweet also came with a short video that suggests that they are revealing the Fold2.

In addition, Samsung U.K.’s Twitter account also posted the same video with the message, “A new look unfolds.”

Unless Samsung is playing some elaborate game, all signs seem to point at the company revealing a new model of foldable smartphone or tablet on August 5.

Whether or not that is the Fold2, and whether the leak is accurate, remains to be seen.

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