FromSoftware reveals Elden Ring expansion

FromSoftware just revealed that their open-world RPG Elden Ring will be getting an expansion. Called Shadow of Erdtree, the expansion is currently in development and still doesn’t have a release date.

The studio announced the Elden Ring expansion via a tweet.

In addition, the company also made a post on the game’s official site. The website announcement also revealed that the Elden Ring expansion would also be coming to all platforms that the game is on—PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

Beyond that, FromSoft did not reveal any more about the expansion aside from a single piece of art.

Released in early 2022, Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s spiritual successor to its Dark Souls series of games. The game takes the latter’s challenging gameplay, places it in an open world and then pairs it with a story by Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin.

The combination of Martin’s star power alongside subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the Souls formula brought in a brand new audience for the studio. As such, Elden Ring became FromSoftware’s most successful title so far, both critically and financially. The game won multiple game of the year awards, including top honors at last year’s The Game Awards. It’s also the studio’s most financially successful game to date.

Now, the Elden Ring expansion promises more of what players loved, they just need to wait a while for it. In the meantime, FromSoft is also working on Armored Core VI, the first new entry in their mech action franchise in a decade and their first big break from the Souls formula. (Read: Armored Core VI will not be “Soulsborne”)

With these in mind, it looks like this year will be a big one for FromSoftware fans.

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