Here are 4 features Apple is adding to iPhone 12

Apple launched its new iPhone 12 last Tuesday, Oct. 13. While this still isn’t the much-awaited foldable iPhone, this new model is being touted as the most significant refresh of the iPhone lineup since the iPhone X.

Of course, some will say that Apple says something to that effect every year and that the new iPhone doesn’t really change much from the previous model. That said, iPhone 12 does come packed with a number of interesting features that may entice even the most jaded of smartphone fanatics to at least give it a shot.

For those wondering what Apple’s latest smartphone brings to the table, here are four features that iPhone 12 brings with it.

1. iPhone 12 supports ultra-fast millimeter wave 5G

As the next-generation of Apple smartphones, iPhone 12 will feature 5G connectivity. This isn’t the big news, however, rather it’s the fact that it will support ultrawide millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G connections.

While 5G is already fast, mmWave 5G is even faster. Featuring bandwidths from 24GHz to 50GHz, mmWave 5G promises to deliver speeds up to 5Gb/s.

Of course, mmWave 5G isn’t available in a lot of places as of yet—including the Philippines. For those, iPhone 12 also supports regular 5G.

2. iPhone 12 Mini will be the smallest iPhone in recent memory

Feel that today’s smartphones are growing too big for your pocket? Well, Apple has some great news for you. iPhone 12 comes with a new “Mini” model that, at $699 (Php 34,000) also happens to be the cheapest of the four iPhone 12 models Apple is releasing.

The iPhone 12 Mini is the smallest iPhone since the iPhone 6. Don’t let its size make you think that it’s a lesser phone than the other models–iPhone 12 Mini will have all the same features as the regular iPhone 12.

3. iPhone 12 supports League of Legends

With iPhone 12, you now have what may be the best device to play League of Legends: Wild Rift. According to developer Riot Games, this is because of the iPhone 12’s proprietary A14 Bionic processor and its ultra-fast 5G connection speed.

Of course, this processing power and bandwidth will benefit other games as well. Expect iPhone 12 to be able to handle other power-hungry mobile games such as the ever-popular Genshin Impact. That said, if LoL is all you need, then that’s fine as well. Just make sure to hit the tutorial modes first so your LoL veteran friends don’t chew you out in chat.

4. iPhone 12 will bring back MagSafe

Back in the late 2000s, one of the big features found in a lot of Apple products was MagSafe. This allowed users to plug in their iDevices with a magnetic connector that would easily detach in instances where the cord gets pulled hard, such as when someone trips on it. This helped save devices from being pulled off a table and dropping on the floor in these situations.

Now, Apple is bringing this unique feature back for iPhone 12. This new version of MagSafe, however, is a wireless charging system that’s compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard. This allows wireless charges and even just cases to easily snap into the back of the iPhone 12, thanks to its internal magnet.

Apple has already announced a bunch of MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12. Beyond this, you can be sure your suki in Divisoria will have even more MagSafe accessories in the future.

Overall, despite how conservative the new phone looks on the surface, Apple looks to have actually added several worthwhile features for its brand new iPhone 12. The question now then is whether these features are enough to justify the usual premium price Apple charges for these phones, or if you’re hard-earned money is worth spending on other things—like a PlayStation 5.


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