Hideo Kojima teasing two new games in development

Video game auteur Hideo Kojima is teasing that he is working on two new games in a new end-of-year column in Famitsu. While he isn’t divulging any major narrative or setting specifics, he is providing some critical descriptions. In addition, Kojima is also expressing his desire to explore non-video game media.

Famitsu interviews game makers from all across Japan at the end of each year to talk about their current work and intentions for the coming year. Famitsu interviewed 127 game creators this year, including Hideo Kojima, who’s teasing new games that players could learn more about in 2022.

Kojima Productions is working on two games, according to Kojima: a “huge” project and a “new, tough” one. Notably, Kojima used the phrase “new” to describe the second “difficult” title, implying that it may be a new IP. (Read: 8 Great video game remakes that let us revisit past classics)

In addition, Kojima wants to enter the entertainment industry in the coming year.

In Los Angeles, Kojima Productions recently announced the launch of a new TV and music business. In 2022, Kojima predicts that streaming will continue to have a significant impact on how people manage businesses and create art. He showed an interest in restoring the studio’s speed and flexibility prior to the pandemic.

Famitsu also interviewed a number of other notable game creators in the same column. Naoto Yoshida of Final Fantasy XIV and Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games were among them.

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