Instagram may add likes to Stories, and moderators to Lives

Instagram is reportedly looking to add likes on Stories, as well as moderators to Lives. This is seen as an effort to aid artists with live video broadcasts on the platform and give them a boost by giving another opportunity for people to interact with stories.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a known leaker and reverse engineer, Instagram is working on allowing artists to add moderators when doing live streaming. Paluzzi reports that creators will be able to select one moderator from their “who’s watching” list to assist them in managing comments, which can quickly turn into an endless flood of text that makes it impossible to answer to all viewers.

In addition, 9to5Mac is reporting that the chosen moderator will have the ability to turn off comments, requests to go live, and viewer queries, among other things. At the moment, only the user who is hosting the live broadcast has the ability to moderate it.

Aside from messing with Lives, the corporation has been hard at work on its Stories feature. Paluzzi said in August that the platform was working on allowing users to “like” stories, which can currently only be reacted to via direct messaging. Paluzzi has discovered that Instagram is working on allowing users to “like” a story multiple times (which is strange in terms of metrics), with likes displaying in the same location as story watchers.

Overall, the alleged new features in the works at Instagram appear to be another attempt to keep creators happy so they spend more time on the network, and not on rivals, such as TikTok. This comes on the heels of the company’s recent efforts to incentivize users to use its TikTok-like Reels feature with cash.

When, or even if the leaked features will come to Instagram is unknown. That said, it’s unlikely that the company will take much longer to do so. Influencers and artists can benefit greatly from live moderators, and the like button on Stories can be another useful metric for content providers.

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