Intel Arc GPU leak hints at budget pricing for the new cards

A new Intel Arc GPU leak hints that the company may be aiming for the budget market with its new discrete GPUs.

The document, supposedly leaked from Intel’s Taiwanese partners and first reported on by WCCFTech, lists the entire Arc A-Series lineup with pricing range, showing where each SKU lines up against competing cards from Nvidia and AMD.

The most interesting fact is that the “flagship” A770 sits under the $400 (around Php22,500 based on exchange rates at the time of writing) price point, well below the prices of the flagship RTX 3080/3090 and RX 6900/6900 XT cards from Nvidia and AMD respectively. Indeed, the price is much closer to the lower-midrange RTX 3060Ti from Nvidia.

The other Intel cards follow a similar pattern, according to the ARC pricing leak. The A750 sits slightly lower, closer to $300, bringing it closer to the RTX 3060 and RX 600. Meanwhile, the entry-level A310 and A380 are listed at $100 to $150 (approximately Php5600 to Php8500).

The pricing, coupled with the fact that Intel seemingly has no cards equivalent to Nvidia’s RTX 3070 or higher seem to indicate that Intel is going after more budget-minded gamers at this point in time.

The pricing could also be Intel’s way of addressing leaked benchmark results of their new Arc GPUs which have not been favorable for the cards. By aiming for the lower end of the market, they stave off comparisons against their more established competition.

That said, the biggest challenge that Intel faces with this strategy could be the continued drop in prices of existing GPUs. Top-of-the-line cards, such as the aforementioned Nvidia RTX 3080 have been retailing for as little as $500—just within Intel’s target price range for the top-end Arc A770—thanks to the recent bust in crypto prices. This could serve as a more attractive option for games looking to finally get that GPU they’ve been waiting for.

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