Legend of Mana and SaGa Frontier remasters are back this year with new upgrades

JRPG players, rejoice! Just last week, Square Enix announced that it will bring back Legend of Mana and SaGa Frontier—two beloved PlayStation JRPG classics. In a statement, the company said that both games will get remastered versions with upgrades, including better visuals and gameplay.

Legend of Mana has something for long-time fans and newbies

On its original release, players of Legend of Mana were treated to a distinct style of gameplay. Players had the ability to shape the world to their liking through the use of “artifacts,” which they could place to bring cities and dungeons to life. Despite having non-linear gameplay, players could choose what happens in the game through quests within each unlocked land. This experience allowed players to progress through the game’s storyline, offering more personal and unique gameplay.

For long-time Legend of Mana fans, the remastered version will take them back to Fa’Diel, where they will embark on a journey to find the legendary Mana Tree. However, they’ll be returning to a different world, complete with remastered visuals and a remodeled soundtrack. The remastered game will also feature “Ring Ring Land,” a mini-game available to the West for the first time.

New players will be treated to a timeless JRPG adventure, where they’ll meet an ensemble cast comprising dragoons, knights and demons. Players will also have to duke it out with fearsome monsters in real-time combat as they explore the vast world of Fa’Diel.

SaGa Frontier coming to PS4 and Switch

Another JRPG classic that will be remastered is SaGa Frontier, the first SaGa series game released on the PlayStation. The seventh installment in the hugely popular series, SaGa Frontier follows the adventures of eight protagonists in a fantasy universe called “The Regions.”

The remastered game will include upgraded graphics, which will be optimized for modern platforms, as well as additional storylines. In particular, SaGa Frontier will explore multiple storylines in the original title and will include previously cut content, like Fuse’s main scenario and new events for Asellus. (Read: Commander Shepard returns with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”)

Players of Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe will receive a special login bonus in line with the release of SaGa Frontier. This bonus includes [Awaiting Orders] T260G(A), 1,500 Jewels, and 60 small Lunar New Year Stamina Potions.

Legend of Mana is slated for release on June 24 for the Nintendo Switch, Steam and the PlayStation 4. Players who buy the game before July 23 will receive an early purchase reward, including 10 avatars and a custom Legend of Mana theme on the PS4 or a Legend of Mana Wallpaper for Steam users.

SaGa Frontier Remastered will be available digitally on April 15, and pre-orders will be available in March for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam.

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