LG shows who’s the (TV) boss

2022 is a year of redemption indeed. Multinational electronics company LG bares plans to update its line-up of OLED televisions with OLED Evo.

The South Korea-based company unveiled its newest innovation, the OLED Evo G2 and C2 TV series, at the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) 2022 last week. While it is finally letting go of its smartphone department, the company shows that it is still a force to be reckoned with in the TV business. (Read: LG might ditch smartphone business)

In a YouTube video shown during the event presentation in Las Vegas, LG claims that its latest technology in its fleet of self-emissive pixel televisions provides “high picture quality, producing deeper shades of black and brighter highlights to reveal incredible levels of detail and colour.” Moreover, the maximum brightness of OLED Evo is considered as the major revamp. The new device will be manned by the Alpha 9 Gen5 processor, which enhances upscaling performance and gives images a more 3-dimensional appearance.

The company also promised OLED Evo panels to deliver perfect vivid colors and exceptional contrast ratios that can boost them up to par with brighter LCD counterparts. 

To go along with such high-definition enhancements, the OLED Evo G2 variant has added two new size variants to give better cinematic effects. Now spearheading the pack is a humongous 97-inch model. Next to that, a new 83-inch model will also make its debut, alongside its usual 77, 65, and 55-inch options.

For the OLED Evo C2 variant, which sits below the G2, the 77, 65, and 55-inch Evo panel configurations will look to continue the success of last year’s C1. Under the much affordable variant, LG is also introducing the world’s first 42-inch OLED TV. That along with the 48-inch size will be equipped with the standard panel though.

Veering away from the OLED, the multimedia giant is also expanding in its Quantum Dot NanoCell (QNED) miniLED lineup. Now, a 4K 90-,85- and 80-inch options will also be available besides the 8K 99-inch size. This is not OLED, but these LED panels get much brighter than the former and don’t risk burn-in. 

Upgrades don’t stop there though – the company is also enhancing its Smart TV medium. The webOS 22 system is finally giving users the option to create their personal profiles for a better streaming experience. Now, people can quickly go back to their favorite shows with just a couple of clicks without having to see other members’ current streams. 

Of course, a TV set is as good as handicapped without a remote. Although it is sticking with its regular handheld controller, LG is adding a new option: the NFC Magic Tap, a feature that lets users mirror one LG TV to another with just wifi. That way, families can binge their favorite series from one room to another; and when you’re done watching, you can display the time, pictures, or play music with another new feature called “Always Ready”.

Pricing and specific release dates are yet to be announced but will be revealed soon as we inch closer to the launch this March.

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