Marvel Snap finally adds friend battles

Superhero card battler Marvel Snap is getting friend battles. The much-awaited feature will finally allow players to challenge their own friends to card battles online.

When it was released on phones and PC back in October of 2022, Marvel Snap didn’t allow a player to challenge a friend to online battles. Instead, the developers had promised that the mode would come in late 2022, before quietly delaying the feature to 2023.

Now, just one month into the new year, Marvel Snap players will finally be able to directly challenge their friends online.

When the feature finally arrives, Marvel Snap‘s friend battles will work differently from how current matches play. Instead of a single fast match, players will instead play multiple rounds against a friend using the same decks. During these sets, each player will start out with 10 health points. Winning a game knocks out health points from the losing player—two points for losing regularly, four if they snap.

Battle mode sets will last until one player has no health points left. According to developer Second Dinner, these sets will likely last around 20 minutes.

As for finding matches, creating a match will give players a unique code to share with their friends. Players who want to join their friends simply have to enter this code into the game.

In addition to the ability to battle friends the new update will also add a few other goodies. On top of the list a bunch of rare and powerful cards—such as Shuri and Black Panther—are being dropped in Series, letting players farm them more easily. These cards will also cost less than they would at the Token Shop.

Marvel Snap’s battle mode update drops on January 31 globally, which means local players should be able to engage in friend battles later today, or early tomorrow at the latest.

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